TNA IMPACT On XBOX 360 Arcade Has Freezing Issue

Midway acknowledges that there is an issue with its extreme wrestling title TNA iMPACT! on the Xbox 360 Arcade. When loading a created wrestler into Exhibition mode or Story mode, the system may freeze at the loading screen. A patch will follow shortly, but in the meantime there is a workaround solution: just rename your gamer profile or create a new one that is eight [8] or more letters/digits in length.

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KingME3778d ago

Is it freezing because the arcade doesn't have a hard drive? Because the arcade is no different than the pro or elite otherwise.

PirateThom3778d ago

If it's the HDD, the quick fix makes no sense though...

Stryfeno23778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Ok droids...No need to rush. There is plenty of trollism comments to go around. One at a time droids, one at a time.

Now which droid will comment first?

DavidMacDougall3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You were :)

EDIT! Its 3 in the morning leave me alone on spelling im eating and owning your ass

SIX3778d ago

No offense Patchstation, but that was some pretty heavy ownage that you just got dealt. Attack for massive damage!

StrikingDmc43778d ago

macdougall cant even spell were right

Stryfeno23778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

*Notice DavidMacDougall raising his hand*

I guess you owned yourself you jackass...Why change your spelling? I guess droids arent so smart....DavidfagDougall is a prime example.

cemelc3778d ago

How about all the bots saying that a hard drive for the casual is not needed, well if a casual happend to buy this game then he is screw(because he is a casual, he wouldnt know about this issue)

PirateThom3778d ago

Notice that there was no trolling until you incited it. Funny that.

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wetowel3778d ago

wtf is with all the bad 360 news lately besides the price drop?

3778d ago
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