Will the Xbox 360 Price Cut Be Enough?

Is this year shaping up to be the most important – and lucrative – gaming Christmas ever? Last year the PS3 was still in the early adoption phase while the 360 was a hardcore gamer dream machine. This year the PS3 and 360 have the wider spread of titles, greater visibility and crucially, in the 360's case, a price cut.

Microsoft is spinning the cut as being a complement to the forthcoming Xbox Live overhaul but clearly there is more to it. Microsoft desperately needs the 360 to expand into the wider games market so successfully exploited by Nintendo. With the standard model (60GB HD) now ten pounds cheaper than the Wii you can see the marketing potential. But will it be enough?

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4cough3686d ago

FACTIOD for you.......360 is going to kick ass this crimbo with its superior games library, which has more triple "A" titles than the competition put together, Plus its utterly superior on-line gaming and functions and plus the complete value for money.

360 has a good change of out selling the Wii this crimbo and PS3 will most probably be outsold by the PS2, as it should be really.

Drekken3686d ago

You know where you can stick your FACTOID?

wicked3686d ago

I'll be picking up the 60GB pro this weekend after the price cut hits this Friday in the UK. Too many games to play before christmas.