Splatoon: Nintendo's Return to Unconventional

After relying on their old IPs for ages, Nintendo released Splatoon, an unconventional, unique, fun shooter that proved Nintendo could still change gaming.

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Phunkydiabetic12730d ago

No, Splatoon didn't change gaming. It used the same premise that has been used in multiplayer "shooters" for decades. The only thing it changed was give people with a WiiU something to do and talk about.

Skaymore2730d ago

what is that premise exactly?

Miss_Weeboo2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Might be a really good game, idk, but the design of the characters looks so boring to me. I haven't played overwatch, seems like a really boring game but the design there at least looks interesting

Segata2730d ago

Splatoon is anything but boring. It's as if Nintendo took Jet Set Radio and made it into a shooter with their own look to it. Really great game and nice looking to boot.

jmc88882730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

It's a decent fun game, but it can be really cheesy with spawn camping. Small maps, slow movement (when not a squid), limited player count, limited map rotation, only short matches. The game has a lot of flaws.

The motion controls are not all that with Splatoon. It 'works' (or doesn't) because of the limitations I describe above. If they wanted people to use these controls in any other mainstream shooter, you'd be destroyed.

It's a nice first attempt by Nintendo into the shooter genre, but let's face it... what they need to copy is Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.... but with Nintendo characters. I've been saying this for years now.

Mario vs Bowser: Mushroom Kingdom Warfare. This thing would blow away Splatoon. A great use of all their IP's in a legitimate shooter game, still in cartoonish format Nintendo loves.

Splatoon isn't a real shooter like that.

A Mario vs Bowser would bring in people who love shooters, and help give someone a reason to buy a Switch. But, sadly Switch probably doesn't have the power to do this given the rumors of less then 400 GFlops circa 2008.

Whenever I play Splatoon it simply feels like a demo. There should be much more there, but there isn't.

Skaymore2730d ago

I disagree about the motion controls. I think that they would work great in almost any console FPS.

As for your Mario vs Bowser idea, that sounds awesome

AspiringForce2730d ago

Actually purchased this game earlier this year. I need to give it a go.

Skaymore2730d ago

It's awesome. You won't regret it

jholden32492730d ago

Splatoon is the funniest MP shooter Ive ever played.

This game straight up flushes other AAA shooters down the toilet

vergilxx32730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Never played it but i'll be picking that splatoon switch bundle "if there is one" day one

It looks like super fun game

Skaymore2729d ago

Yesss, glad to see others who like the game as much as me

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Jin_Sakai499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

I’m really starting to despise Microsoft and Xbox at this point. Might just sell the Series X and buy a Switch to compliment our PS5’s. Metroid, Zelda: TotK, and Pikmin 4 are just months away at this point.

Neonridr499d ago

PS5 + Switch is honestly the best combo.

Jin_Sakai499d ago

Agreed. Both have amazing first party games!

Orchard499d ago

SteamDeck + Switch.

Xbox and PS games are playable on SD.

badz149499d ago


why would you want to play the worst versions of PS5 and Xbox SX games? the only thing the SD runs better than the original is Switch games

Orchard499d ago

@badz SD plays most games well. But if it's not up to your standards, just get a PC. PC/SteamDeck + Switch.

498d ago
S2Killinit498d ago

PS5 and Switch is definitely the way to go.

Jin_Sakai498d ago

“The Nintendo switch is a kids play thing compared to steam deck. It pummels the switch into the ground.”

Not thanks. I enjoy Nintendo games and love the OLED display.

FinalFantasyFanatic498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

Your still missing out on alot of PS games doing that, Personally I'd go PS + Switch, but I also have a PC, so for me it's PS + Switch + PC and that gets me almost every game.

One day I'll get a Steam Deck to compliment my PC library of games, maybe when Steam Deck 2 comes out.

498d ago
BehindTheRows498d ago

PS5 + Switch + PC. But, close enough :P

The Wood498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

orchard...are you bored in life. Do you love pantomime or wanna be the lead attorney for Microsoft if all you do is cap for the brand doing the least. No disrespect intended but have a child , wife or play golf or something because you presence is weird. Dont strike me mods..... dude cant stop