10 Classic Franchises Sega Need To Resurrect

Every gamer out there knows that successful franchises are the lifeblood of any big name publisher. One of the oldest and most innovative companies in existence, Sega knows that better than anyone. So that begs the question of why have Sega ignored so many other great franchises from their vast back catalogue?

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Veneno2724d ago

Sega is right up there with the amount of original IPS as Sony. They were never afraid of doing something new. God bless em.

dead_pixels2724d ago

You're not kidding. In their prime they thrived on taking risky gambles and shaking things up. I miss having them in the console industry so much.

ninjazfistz2724d ago

Honestly the console industry isn't really as good as when SEGA was in it. That combination on Nintendo and SEGA was great. Now that Sony has shown dominance it's too small a pond for all 4 (Xbox). I like their approach on PC anyways. Live long!

LastCenturyRob2724d ago

@ ninjazfists... PS may be the dominate one right now but as gaming history has shown there are no guarantees that it will always be the case. Nintendo was always dominant when Sega was in the game, but Sega at times came close to gaining the upper hand. MS still sells tens of millions of consoles and the 360 was close to outselling the PS3... MS isn't going anywhere. With that, even if Sega doesn't ever make another console I think they owe it to themselves and fans of their franchises to push the envelope and bring them back in force.

Artemidorus2724d ago

Bring back some classic VR games

phoenixwing2724d ago

skies of arcadia mmo (in my dreams anyway)

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quent2724d ago

I'd even go for more of their recent stuff, like maybe a sequel to Binary Domain