Has the PS4 Finally Beaten Xbox One This Holiday Season?

Gaz from Gameondaily offers his thoughts on whether the PS4 has finally beaten Xbox One this holiday season.

Note- The content disregards the question of sales.

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Gaming_Cousin2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

"Read on to find out. "

I don't have to read on the site to know the answer lol

Overload2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Any other answer would be lying. PlayStation did most relevant things better this year, not just this holiday.

It doesn't really matter what metric either. Retail software, diversity, sales, indie support, etc.

shadowraiden2761d ago

also sony in biggest fuck up in gaming market as well. rushing a poor spec 4k console that doesnt even work with your own Tv's is amateurish and shows how scared they are of not keeping up with gaming as a whole.

this generation will be the last PC is so far ahead that not even PS4 Pro can match $600 PC's nowadays and guess what PC games are much cheaper and their is a shit ton more + huge backlog of games that continue to grow.

and this is coming from a guy who owns every console for past 25 years, its never been so clear that both companies are doing a last stand to make some extra cash.

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XanderZane2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Me either. Everyone already knows Sony won the holiday in sales. Won't have any affect on me playing games on my PS4 and XB1. Next year is going to be great for PS4 and XB1. So many games, plus new hardware coming from Microsoft and Nintendo. So much to look forward to.

LOL @Ro0kieBalboa
What a fanboy you are. Hehehe... Didn't know L4D & L4D2 were B/C on XB1. Thanks for that info.

Kurdishcurse2761d ago

i also dont have to read on to know how desperate you are to validate your purchase lol.

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freshslicepizza2762d ago

finally? i tbink the xbox one has only beaten it for a few months and never worldwide. no wonder there is so much dissension between the two camps, the media fuels it with this constant we must win attitude.

Gazondaily2762d ago

It's nothing to do with sales at all.

freshslicepizza2762d ago

but even with software everything i said applies too

ballisticvoodoo2761d ago

what sales? Xbox 1 sales. Give me numbers troll

Gazondaily2762d ago

With software it's debatable. You can't say it's an outright win. There's always room to argue otherwise.

SpaceRanger2762d ago

Something being "debatable" means that you'd be willing to actually discuss it. Not just cover your ears and yell "it's my opinion not yours! You have your own opinion".

Gazondaily2762d ago

I'm willing to discuss it. What gave you the impression I'm not? Let's discuss it.

trouble_bubble2761d ago

Guilty Gear Xrd, Blaz Blue, Odin Sphere, MLB16, Dragon Quest Builders all have critical averages between 83-87. I don't think any of those were mentioned in the article. Good representation just below that too with SFV and World of Final Fantasy. What is there to debate? It's cut and dry black and white. One console has those games one doesn't.

pyroxxx2761d ago

Nothing to debate about,.. PlayStation dominates primarily because of software (games).

johndoe112112761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

This comment alone proves how delusional you are. your obsession with microsoft is disturbing. I never thought I'd see the day when I agreed with a moldybread comment. when something is so glaring that moldybread can see it and you can't you know something is very wrong with you.

Aura75412761d ago

Since you are the writer of this article, you have no excuse for not doing the necessary research prior to publishing it. You should not be defending your lack of due diligence like what you're doing now and instead, do the research and edit your article in reflection of what you find.

The software debate is rather skewed when you tally up the games that are on one console, but not the other. For instance, the amount of JRPGs that are on the PS4, but no the XBO is staggering: Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Grand Kingdom, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, God Eater Resurrection, World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Builders, SAO: Hollow Realization, Megadimension Neptunia VII, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, and the list goes on. When it comes to fighting games, the PS4 has The King of Fighters XIV, Street Fighter 5, Nitroplus Blasterz, and Guilty Gear Xrd Relevator. And the PS4 has games of other genres such as Gravity Rush Remastered, Alienation, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, MLB 16, Salt and Sanctuary, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X.

"Debatable" implies that the libraries between the PS4 and XBO are very similar to each other. However, as I have shown, the PS4 had a lot of games that the XBO does not this year. And if you think this year was skewed, well... Happy New Year?

SpaceRanger2761d ago

"I'm willing to discuss it. What gave you the impression I'm not?"

Everyone on N4G and the few that frequent your articles have seen the videos of you "discussing" these topics.


ballisticvoodoo2761d ago

There is no room for debate troll. Everybody on this site knows you are nothing more than an xbot shill. Just stop. You have zero to back up your bs claims. Go troll fox news or brietbart. You sound like a crybaby lib. Do you need a "safe space" or perhaps a puppy to clam you? Grow up.

freshslicepizza2761d ago

we need to stop with the personal insults, we are talking about videogames here so lets put a lttle perspective into our emotions for 2017.

DigitalRaptor2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

@ SpaceRanger

Nice find. Yeah, we all know how much GameOnDaily cares about honest, balanced reporting - just refer to their misleading bandwagon reporting on Shenmue III.

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XSpike2762d ago

Septic, your not willing to discuss it as it doesn't take much to realize MS never had many console AAA developers for any console gen & how much MS is really losing this gen. Sony has 114 Exclusives for the PS4, how many does MS have? Yes that is right they have 33. 992 games vs PS4's 1295.

+ MS have less exclusives coming now than ever before, with less 3rd partys & its first party devs releasing games on PC. E3 will be interesting hoping Scorpio will be capable of running Win10 light / gaming to play PC titles & XB1 titles on Win10 (controller only on Xb1 games on XBL/MS Store) - or otherwise I see it failing like the Steam Box if it has no exclusives & can't even do Win10. I would say that would be a win for MS as it'll lead them to their own market that would survive further into the future. They stuffed up the XB1 Launch, hope they don't stuff up the Scorpio! If you asked me before Xb1/PS4 reveal what one would win, I would of picked Xb1 even though I prefer Sony as they have more studios + dev support around the world but MS could of had full B/C with 360 while Sony either had to have Cell for B/C or ditch B/C all together.

1Victor2761d ago

Dang Xspike made septic 🏃🏽💨 with that truth 🌋
😂There's no discussion about how it😭

2cents2761d ago

Xbox are the youngest in the race.

Nintendo have decided to play it so safe that they seem to want to spectate more than actually run.

Sony are doing what they do best, be inspired by industry advancement's (VR), deliver on amazing software (TLOU, U4, Bloodborne, TLG, etc) and provide stellar hardware to run it all on.

XBox, born as a trojan horse to conquer the living room has had a loveless upbringing, but has finally been adopted by someone who Cares' (Phil).

Without any rose tinted glasses on, I clearly see the vector shift from the iceberg that he has made. The Xbox1s is a labor of love, I would believe that the Scorpio is also heading for a good thing.

2017 has everything coming to Xbox, 4K, VR, Games and wot not. Sony have revealed their toys for a while now. It will be all about the experiences now.

It's not about 'winning', it about the thrill of the race. 2017 should be a good one.

Happy New Year!

Gazondaily2761d ago




I'm not willing to discuss it as it you think MS was never in the race? How does that make sense?

The rest is about Scorpio next year. Sorry mate but not getting where you're going with your post.

Sono4212761d ago

Why do so many of you waste your time on septic? He is either a moron or a troll.. either way he doesn't matter, him constantly spewing his delusions doesn't make them any less false.

We should all just continue to enjoy our console of choice and allow him to keep telling himself he enjoys his. (Which he clearly doesn't based on the fact he keeps trying to convince us; even though the person he is truly trying to convince is himself)

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UCForce2761d ago

This is first time I agree with you.