Halo 3 Multi-Player screens and videos leaked

Alert the press! Halo 3 alpha build screens and video leaked! There are four rather crappy cell phone videos and five pictures up. There is one revealing picture that shows the download screen for the alpha and confirms how large the multiplayer download is ... a whopping 1.03GB...

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Antan4346d ago

Not sure if these are old but im sure someone will clarify.

T-Virus4346d ago

Or something. Videos are no longer available.

candystop4346d ago

I wonder if there is a way to track the source of those vids? And can't believe how quick they took them down!

Mattey4346d ago

Here is the link
off gametrailers but bad quality. You can see him using the sniper, and the scope is a little different. You also see the assult rifle and shotgun

Marriot VP4346d ago

This could be coming from Iraq's U.S. soldiers who have it right now. Either way it's such bad quality, so we'll see.

The spartan on the mongoose with the gun looks really cool.

xXbebofisherXx4346d ago

the vids looked like pure poo. lol.

most likly its the soldiers from iraq since they are the original batch of beta testers for the moment. also if i get crackdown imma record every bit of testing i do. much better quality though. hopefully ill have the cash to get that crackdown version.

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The story is too old to be commented.