The 15 Greatest JRPGs in Xbox History

With Final Fantasy 15 set to dominate our winter playtime, we look back over the best Japanese role-playing games ever to grace Xbox consoles.

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zeal0us751d ago

Too bad a lot of those are available on other console beside the xbox.

FallenAngel1984750d ago

Just because a title isn't exclusive doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed on a particular platform

KillBill750d ago

What does that have to do with anything? Just appears to be talking about JRPGs that you could play on Xbox systems. Why even bring up anything else??

BlakHavoc751d ago (Edited 751d ago )

The lost odyssey was so good and one of my favorite 360 games. Really wish we'd see a sequel but I highly doubt it.

joab777751d ago

The best rpg on Xbox!! Mistwalker is releasing a new game in 2017. Can't wait. Still haven't bought an X1 and probably will buy Scorpio in the fall. But for jrpgs, Sony remains king! The first quarter of this year alone is absurd!

TheColbertinator751d ago

Ah the 360 era of the JRPG . Such underappreciated little gems.

jznrpg751d ago

It wasnt an era , it was a few years and they disappeared

JasonKCK751d ago

I still have LO sealed and never played.

joab777751d ago

It's epic! Live the in game writings!

JasonKCK751d ago

I got if for my GF at the time.

phoenixwing751d ago

tales of vesperia was awesome, one of the best tales of games and exclusive to xbox in the west

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