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The Razer Raiju professional-grade gaming controller is officially available. Gamer Wares provides a full review of this competitive PS4 controller focusing on the design, feel, functionality, and more.

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slappy5082221d ago

Awesome, I want one of these, since I have money left over from Xmas! Being wired is no drawback to me since my current remote is always plugged in anyway because it has to charge! Would go nice I think with my still sealed BF1

deadfrag2221d ago

M8 if i were you on the hunt for a Pro PlayStation controller i would get the Nacon Revolution insted Raiju first the Nacon its cheaper feels much better,better quality and from reports have way less problems than the Raiju.I have two friends that brought the Raiju,one is on the third Raiju the other on the second they had to replace them due to drifting problems and problems on the triggers.The one that have change the Raiju 3 times haves a Nacon also like myself and works flawless.Just aheads up.

slappy5082221d ago

Cool thanks for the heads up haven't heard of it, will look it up

Nitrowolf22221d ago

Anyone know if these are ever coming to the us or if there's a site I can import either.

PapaBop2221d ago

^^^ Razer usually release their products in the US before Europe. Try checking out and looking at their store. Tried checking myself but it automatically redirects me to the UK store.

ChronoJoe2221d ago

I bought the Raiju and had some weird issues with input drops every few minutes or so. Quite subtle so I wasn't sure if it was the controller, or my PS4, or something else at first, but after testing on other controllers, games etc, it was definitely the Raiju.

Swapped it for another, same thing was happening.

Razer deleted all of my comments about this on their 'insider' forum.

I returned the second controller for a full refund. It's not worth the effort, I expect these to work out of the box.

bluefox7552221d ago

They list "wired" as a negative, while also acknowledging that the wired connection is intentional as it reduces input lag, which is a plus for competitive types. I mean, I'm spoiled on wireless as well, but you can't really complain about something that was done intentionally to improve the product for it's target demographic.

pyroxxx2221d ago

Well why not both like regular dualshock?,.. Really love the fact it is symetrical though,.. Very interested, but cable only is not a selling point and really should not be.-- Hope the build quality justifys the price alone.

Alduin2221d ago

There are plenty of people that buy competition controllers just because. Look at all the scrubs with Scuf or Xbox One Elite controllers. And most prefer to at least have the option of going wireless.

DC7772221d ago

Anyone make a larger PS4 controller yet?

2221d ago