Nintendo Switch Promotion Could Kick Off As Soon As Next Week

With the Nintendo Switch just days away from its official reveal on January 12th, fans are eager to see what the company’s next hardware iteration will bring – and promotion for the system could kick off as soon as next week!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1595d ago

I wonder how heavy the ad efforts are gonna be...
If they don't outstrip the Wii U's advertisement by a significant margine, they aren't going to get very far.

LOL_WUT1594d ago

I hope their TV advertisements improve. No more little kids and soccer moms. The way they showed off the Switch in the official unveiling was great. ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1594d ago

Ditto. If they continue in that vein, then they'll already be a step further in recovering from the bad rap the Wii U's advertisement efforts paved their road with.

The 10th Rider1594d ago

I'm not entirely in that same boat. Nintendo's Wii advertisements were the bomb and it sold like hotcakes. I know people will say that the Wii was a gimmick and sales eventually stagnated, but there's no denying the success of its early advertising campaigns. I don't think they need to FOCUS their Switch advertisements on little kids and soccer moms, but to completely cut them out of the picture would be idiocy. Honestly they should really be focusing the 12-24 range, emphasizing the versatility and how it can be played anywhere.

vergilxx31594d ago

You can compare Wii U trailer views on youtube with Switch , the difference is astronomical already
Nintendo is finally making the steps in right direction

Wii U


mcstorm1594d ago

Yeah Nintendo messed up big time with the wiiu. But they also did that with the 3ds but one turned around the other did not. For me the wiiu was not a bad console it just did not get marketed right or the right support from 3rd party from the get go. Yes it had cod, AC FIFA at the start but they were all missing males dlc and parts of the game to the gen before it. Then when a game was done right like NFS the put it out 6 months late and at full price which hurt sales to.

I'm not saying the wiiu was better than the new consoles but for the switch to sell well both Nintendo and 3rd party's need to look at what went wrong on the wiiu and hit the ground running. For me I can't wait to see more of the device and it will also be a day one buy for me to.

DillyDilly1594d ago

Do they even have a decent amount of launch games for advertisement ? If Zelda is not a launch game it should not be advertised as part of the launch

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1594d ago

How about wait til Jan. 12th
these are placeholder

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1594d ago
Ninte1594d ago

Not long people just wait and see

MetroidFREAK211594d ago

I just want to know when can I preorder the damn thing, and what games will be there on launch.