Rumor: Disaster: Day of Crisis launching in NA this November

Disaster: Day of Crisis has been given official release dates in Japan and Europe, but strangely, the gamers of North America have been left clueless when Monolith's title will launch. However, rumor has it that Disaster will be available in North America this November...

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TheColbertinator3776d ago

A lot sooner than I expected

Nugan3776d ago

The author seems to think this rumor is pretty unreliable, and, judging by his "source," I have to agree.

Personally, I think we'll probably see this in October, along with Japan and Europe.

TruthbeTold3776d ago

in N.A. we keep having hurricanes and what-not. I think that our announcement and release date have been delayed because of that.

Nugan3775d ago

Yes, that's true.

The fact that we've had three consecutive hurricane threats have probably made Nintendo wary about announcing the game's release date.

Maybe they plan to do it at that mysterious press conference next month.

PS360WII3775d ago

:( I want this game sooner than later. Sure people may be bummed about the resent weather happenings in the states but I don't think they would not buy a video game because of it