Don't Expect Red Dead Redemption 2 or Andromeda on Nintendo Switch

We learn why gamers should not expect a Mass Effect Andromeda or Red Dead Redemption 2 Switch release, the console's success itself in question.

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Automatic791595d ago

To early to Judge, let's wait and see how the launch goes and post launch.

freshslicepizza1595d ago

this is the predicament nintendo has put themselves in. developers will continue to take a wait and see approach before going all in for the switch. people want game support but if the system doesn't sell well they wont get it. that puts a lot of pressure on nintendo to have a good launch.

OrangePowerz1594d ago

I think the bigger questionmark is for the hardware power. If that thing is too far behind in power (some of the rumours indicate that) they won't downgrade their games to make a low quality port.

rjason121595d ago

Why are all these rumors marked as news?

Summons751594d ago

The wonderful age of clickbait.

Vits1594d ago

Unfortunately, when you submit an article to this site, you are limited to only: News (collects everything from the "professional media"), User Review and User Blog.

iplay1up21595d ago

Rumors, besides there are plenty of great things to "Expect" on Switch!

Brash1595d ago

Can't tell if anyone here is reading the article

wonderfulmonkeyman1595d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Even if this rumor is true, I find it positively hilarious that their reasoning for not bringing Andromeda to the Switch was because of how the third game sold on the Wii U.XD

I mean seriously, let's review, shall we?

ME3 on Wii U:
- Came out later than all other versions meaning sales of it were going to be lower regardless.
- Did not get all of the multiplayer content.
- Was what they chose to bring out as a solo game despite a Trilogy Collection releasing around the same time on all other consoles, which basically further cannibalized sales of ME3 on Wii U.
- Barely advertised the Wii U version of their own game.

If they released Andromeda on Switch at the same time as other versions, none of these things would be issues and the game would sell better than its Wii U sibling as a result.
Yet they're still not doing it.
They are using the most worthless excuse, out of any they could have chosen, to avoid having to dev the game for the Switch. It's not nearly as much of a risky or doomed-to-fail prospect as they made the Wii U entry become.

My bet for their reasons, if this rumor is true, is one of two things:
#1 Because they didn't get one of the stronger kits soon enough to make a port ready for simultaneous release with the other versions.
#2 Because they've got a clearer idea of all the other games that the launch will have than the rest of the public, and they don't feel like they can compete with it using just Andromeda.

@ disagrees
I know people around here don't like hearing third parties being blamed for their screw ups on Wii U, but you can't seriously be downvoting me for stating the truth regarding ME3 on Wii U, can you guys?

rjason121595d ago

Don't forget that the collection was released less than a month prior to the "special edition/definitive edition" of the game.

PhoenixUp1595d ago

A more accurate observation would be noting how most multiplatform games sold less on GameCube compared to on PS2 and Xbox. Same thing could happen now between the Switch, PS4 & XO

wonderfulmonkeyman1595d ago

They could, that's true. But that won't ever change without some effort on their part to do better, and what game maker wouldn't want to sell high on ALL systems?
The fact is, the Wii U entry of the ME series had a lot going against it that a Switch entry would not, so I feel it's stupid to use the Wii U entry's sales as their excuse.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

That false. Soul Calibur II so the best on GC.
Resident Evil 4 despite being on a system with 155m users it didn't sell that much better than the GC version which was around 21m.

Yet alone many franchises saw better success on GC. Sonic, Tales and a lot of Japanese games saw better success because it sold better on a system with less install base vs a system with a gigantic install base but only sold a few millions.

PhoenixUp1594d ago

@ wonder

They just want to see how successful their kind of games would be on Nintendo consoles before they go full throttle.

@ Otaku

Yes it is true. Note how I said "MOST multiplatform games." I'm sure you can find a couple of games that sold better on GC, but fact is most sold better on other consoles

wonderfulmonkeyman1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yeah, you're right, but what people here keep missing is that that "wait and see" attitude is exactly one of the big reasons why they haven't made a big splash on the last couple of Nintendo systems, Nintendo's own screw-ups with them aside.

If they just dip their toes in and don't do anything more, consumers will take that as a half-hearted response, lose any faith in them showing serious ongoing support, and assume the Switch isn't worth getting for third party games before anything has a chance of happening.
By not playing hard ball, they're creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of low sales right from the get-go.

The lower risk is actually in pushing hard from the start, not waiting to see what happens after a couple of tiny token offerings.

_-EDMIX-_1594d ago

@wonder- but you're still failing to recognize that that is not upon third-party to worry about how well a platform is selling, third parties job is to sell their software not sell other people's consoles....

I don't believe those games are selling poorly because of lack of effort, I simply believe they're selling poorly Based on simple economics that Nintendo just does not have the install base to move such software.

...That's it.

Of course third-party is going to spend more time focusing on a massive install base that is proven to purchase their games...

But in order for third-party to spend all that time focusing on a specific game or platform in regards to Quality the install base actually has to exist in the first place ie third parties from the beginning of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One supported those platforms 100% because the platform makers gave them everything that they needed to be able to crank out quality work in the first place

Both Microsoft and Sony numerous times have extended their hands and even change specific part of their platforms when requested by third-party exactly what is Nintendo done? It's even questionable if Nintendo is even including third-party when they're developing any of their platforms.

In order to get support you have to equally give it back so why should I if I'm a game developer support a platform that the console maker isn't even properly supporting my Studios views? So if I need 8 gigs of RAM to make my concept work why should I settle for what Nintendo's offering me when other companies are giving more?

I'm sorry but you need to stop asking for third parties to do something that technically speaking the console maker is supposed to provide

The customer is always right so if you want to keep arguing this consider all your saying is Nintendo should not to have provide this. So Sony and Microsoft are welcome to take them correct? So you have no problem that Sony and Microsoft are giving their third parties everything that they need to create the best games they possibly can?

Whenever you try to challenge a customer you need to understand what you're basically saying is give me more reasons to go somewhere else

It is not simply an accident that the majority of third-party Publishers have no problem working with Sony or Microsoft.

At the end of the day regardless of how you're trying to look at this Nintendo is the retailer in the game developer is the vendor they're simply going to go to another retailer that provides them more and that's basically what the majority of third-party has done.

Don't blame third-party , you need to be asking what Nintendo is doing. Clearly those third-party developers had no problem on Earth putting in more "effort" in the PlayStation 4 Xbox One or PC version...

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freshslicepizza1594d ago

"#1 Because they didn't get one of the stronger kits soon enough to make a port ready for simultaneous release with the other versions. "

then the blame lies solely with nintendo.

"#2 Because they've got a clearer idea of all the other games that the launch will have than the rest of the public, and they don't feel like they can compete with it using just Andromeda."

now your just reaching. nintendo is to blame, thats all there is to it. ea is about making money just like everyone else. if they see an opportunity they will take it and nintendo hasn't been very profitable for MANY third party publishers.

they also put hurdles in the way by having unique features built in the hardware and/or limiting its capabilities to the other current platforms. developers are not going to go out of their way to cater to one hardware. nintendo thinks differently and as we can see so do many of their loyal fans.

_-EDMIX-_1594d ago

1000% agreed.


In a business situation it is never up on the vendor to reach out to the retailer, it is upon the retailer to reach out to the vendor because in a sense the vendor is the Retailer's customer , they are the people that are keeping them in business in the first place.

If Nintendo doesn't want to create Hardware that is easy for developers to use or they want to create weak Hardware they need to understand they're openly making it pretty clear that it's best that third parties stay with Microsoft and Sony and PC...

Nintendo is making it laughably easy for third parties to make their decision on whether or not they're going to support them. When somebody conduct business they don't do so in a vacuum completely ignoring the opposition they have to completely understand that they are not the only business that exist in the way I see Nintendo creates business they essentially work with people as if there is no other option to these companies.

I'm sorry but the people who are working at Nintendo and the higher-ups need to be fired and completely replaced cuz they're absolutely out of touch with even the most basic common business practices there wasn't even a public apology but Bethesda regarding their crappy Hardware with the Wii U when a company comes out here and calls you out and makes it extremely public but they're not going to support your platform you need to reach out and make it completely clear that you're going to change what you're doing for Nintendo to still be silent about this leaves consumers and many third parties a feeling that they're not changing.

That isn't good for business and if somebody doesn't like this point they're free to disagree with me and combat this however they feel just but at the end of the day to not agree with the statement that moldy or I are making is to actually agree that things are currently going great at Nintendo in regards to their business relations.

Say that to the numerous developers that are ignoring them while making PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC titles.

-Foxtrot1594d ago

You not stating the truth though...just fanboy bullshit

Ubisoft tried their hardest with the Wii U and Nintendo never met them half way

wonderfulmonkeyman1594d ago

"You not stating the truth though...just fanboy bullshit "

And you're being a hypocrite, so what else is new?

"Ubisoft tried their hardest with the Wii U and Nintendo never met them half way"

That's bullshit and you know it.
Trying their hardest would not have resulted in Rayman breaking exclusivity before it had a chance of doing the system any good.

Trying their hardest would not have resulted in Zombi U, a cancelled PS360 project originally about aliens that they had no faith in in the first place, being reconfigured then rushed out the door, instead of a whole new and serious franchise attempt that would have drawn in gamers who know and love Ubisoft.

Trying their hardest would have gottwn the ME Trilogy on Wii U, fully featured and properly advertised, instead of putting the tail end of the series out on it like a second-class trash-toss to the unworthy, and expecting it to sell as well as it did elsewhere with no advertisement effort on their part.

I can keep going, but my point stands as it is, and YOU, sir, have done nothing but shove blame on Nintendo while giving third parties a free pass on everything they've done on Wii U, no matter how stupid, just like you obviously will on their every bad choice with the Switch going forward.
At least I can admit that Nintendo screwed the pooch on multiple fronts with the Wii U, from build kits to advertisement, but YOU can't even pull your head far enough out of your own a** to recognize that third parties share some responsibility here too, so I do NOT want to hear you spouting the word fanboy at me, you egotistical jerk.

Keep your mouth shut and sit down. I'm done reading responses from you on this article.

_-EDMIX-_1594d ago

@wonder-??? What's so pathetic is that you don't even recognize or even respect the amount of effort that Ubisoft put into Nintendo.

What game released for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or PC by Ubisoft was exclusive to either of those platforms?

For a long time now Ubisoft was actually only making specific exclusives for Nintendo...

I'm sorry but that's an amount of treatment that the majority of third-party is not giving to Xbox or Playstation or PC or anything like that.

Sorry but the fact remains I cannot recall any title right now that is on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or PC that is actually exclusive to any one of those three individual platforms

Ubisoft is not out here making an XBox exclusive smh

Why are you all so suddenly angry about Zombie U? When that game released it was only on the Wii U...

So basically the only way any platform could be successful as if third parties all make exclusives for them? Where is Activision's exclusive for Xbox? Where's Electronic Arts exclusive for PlayStation 4?

Why is it that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one can be more successful than the Wii U despite not even getting this type of special treatment from Publishers like Ubisoft?

I'm sorry but you've run out of excuses and it just starts to sound pathetic when you start to have all these stupid goal post on why the platform was unsuccessful at the end of the day numerous Publishers made contact for this platform and they were unable to make money so they should have no reason to start losing even more money by supporting it with more titles as if that's going to suddenly change something...

Something is definitely wrong when you make a title exclusively for platform and it still performs poorly that simply means it's very likely that there isn't enough of that install base to purchase those type of games.

Put it this way Ubisoft multi-platform titles are more successful than the exclusive titles they created for Nintendo...

I have a hard time believing that all their titles a failed on Wii U simply because of Ubisoft themselves because they have no problem breaking records on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.

Also PlayStation 4 and Xbox have no problem moving units bud

Maybe those games sold poorly on Wii U simply because the system had a very low install base.

Because of Ubisoft was such a bad publisher they shouldn't be breaking records on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC.

Those games by Ubisoft exists on other platforms because other platform holders gave Ubisoft the technology to create those games in the first place why don't you actually asked Nintendo to do what Sony and Microsoft are doing if you want those type of games.

OrangePowerz1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I'm leaning towards option 3. The hardware isn't up to the task to run the game without serious compromises and downgrades. Not to mention the possible pricepoint of a game that's probably 50GB and being sold on a cartridge. I have my doubts that cartridges with the size to hold 50GB games will be cheap given the technology and Nintendos history of overcharging developers for cartridges.

_-EDMIX-_1594d ago

... I respect if someone disagrees with me simply because I fully understand that everything I say is not gospel and people clearly will disagree.

... but please stop assuming that the people who are disagreeing with you are simply disagreeing with an objective fact.

They are disagreeing with the assumption that the Mass Effect series will appear on the switch simply because Mass Effect 3 appeared on the Wii U.

Where are the rest of the mass effect games on the Wii U?

A better analogy would actually be where were the Mass Effect games for the Wii?

A GTA game also released on a Nintendo handheld are we now to believe that GTA 5 or 6 or anything like that will appear on a Nintendo console because of such an assumption?

I'm not saying that the factual information that you provided is wrong I'm simply disagreeing on the assumption that it's going to lead to Mass Effect Andromeda appearing on the switch that seems extremely unlikely.

This is all just speculation

You also don't even know how much such a version would even sell on the switch to say would sell better than the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3, we don't know.

Can you blame them for not marketing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U? So you're asking why they didn't spend more money to Market a game that's already released on a platform that isn't even selling well?

Umm OK.

You're getting disagrees simply because people do not agree with you not because they're disagreeing with specific objective facts, consider that anyone could disagree with me and I'm not going to just assume they have to be disagreeing with facts, that's just childish and immature you should know better it's so sad to even hear anyone on here posting that people are disagreeing with them simply because they're um "truth"..

Know this, if you guys disagree with me I'm completely fine with that. Unlike some people on here can respect that other people do not agree with My Views and that's completely fine , this is what we're here for to discuss gaming in topics everyone's not always going to agree and I expect that and I'm completely fine with that.

you seriously need to grow up

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