TVG: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Review by Jon Wilcox:

"The dust may have settled on the 'new trilogy' of Star Wars movies, but it seems that Uncle George still isn't quite content to leave well alone. Bridging the gap between Episode III and IV and charting the rise of the Rebel Alliance and the strengthening tyranny of the Empire, is the work of the so-called Extended Universe, with upcoming live action TV series and The Force Unleashed project all working together to shed light on the dark period.

Originally planned for a 2007 release, The Force Unleashed has had something of a difficult conception and production. Not least because internally developed Star Wars games in recent years have been poor to say the least (the six-year old nightmare of Obi-Wan still makes us shudder), forcing LucasArts to rethink their strategy. Bringing together three outside technologies, Havok, Euphoria, and Digital Molecular Matter, has also had its own set of problems - and it's likely that was the cause behind the delayed released of the game.

After all that however, does The Force Unleashed meet its expectations? Is it more Empire Strikes Back than The Phantom Menace?"

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