Rock Band Rivals Guitar Bundle drops to under $40; Guitar Hero Live Bundle also on sale

The Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Bundle has dropped to $39.99. Also on sale is the Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Bundle for $99.99 and Guitar Hero Live Supreme Party Edition 2 Pack Guitar Bundle for $49.00.

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mxguy93752d ago

great deals. which one do you guys recommend?

Norad6752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Rock Band. Great multiplayer and has a way better song store that gets updated every week.

Cmv38752d ago

The Playlist are the only reason i haven't bought either of these and i really want to to play one.

joshljr751d ago

Neither playlist is great, you get some value out of the Guitar Hero Live channels... But I've pumped way too much money into songs for Rockband. And the same songs aren't even as fun to play as in previous editions. Still I got plenty of fun out of Rockband. I like that it comes with drums and stuff.