More Guitar Hero Games, Who Cares!?

Loot Ninja writes:

"This is stating the obvious, yes there will be more Guitar Hero games coming, but three times as many by the year 2010 seems ridiculous. That means over the course of a couple of years we can expect to see at least 1-2 Guitar Hero games per year, which means World Tour will be old hat in about 6 months time. So let me get this right, I pay $190 for a game and all the instruments just to find out that it is and old piece of crap in a few months? Great! Just great!"

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taz80803686d ago

More guitar Hero games is like saying more sunlight, you know its coming so who cares.

taz80803686d ago

I would be more interested if they said something about exclusive content. Rock Band and GH share 13 songs in their newest forms. WHy are we paying so much for rehashed things?

UnblessedSoul3686d ago

The only reason I got gh4 was for dragonforce.. since there ain't many appealing songs for me ill wait till it drops in price

drunkpandas3686d ago

I have a feeling that the rhythm game genre is going to be milked for all it's worth over the next couple years. Probably in 2-3 years, everyone will be so sick of the genre they won't want to touch any of the games