The Top 10 PS4 exclusive indie titles we'd love to see on Xbox One

Carlos writes "There are people out there that will scoff at the thought of playing anything that isn’t backed by a huge triple-A budget. There are however others who will set some time aside to play through the smaller indie games and we reckon most will have several games that spring to mind when thinking back on favourite gaming experiences.

So, with that in mind, here are our top 10 PS4 exclusive indie titles we’d love to see on Xbox One."

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Overload1244d ago

Alienation was robbed!!

1244d ago
Gamist2dot01244d ago

I like Dead nation and it's a good coop game. Journey is another good indie game.

PistolsAtDawn1244d ago

10? I have a PS4, so this isn't a concern of mine....but if I only had an X1 I'd only be concerned about Horizon, God of War and Days gone

neil3631243d ago

I very much like the look of that Absolute Drift. How good is the indie scene in PS4? It's a massive part of my XO life but could be tempted if there are many to choose from