Intel launches six-core Xeon monster chip

Ars: At an event today in San Francisco, Intel formally launched its new six-core Xeon 7400 processor, codenamed "Dunnington." The new chip is basically three dual-core Penryn processors packed onto a single processor die, along with a large pool of shared L3 cache and interconnect logic. With six cores and three levels of cache on one die, Dunnington is a 1.9-billion-transistor monster. This is almost as big as the company's latest 2-billion-transistor Itanium chip (launched in February), and it's quite a milestone for the x86 instruction set. In four- and eight-socket configurations, a supercomputer based on the new Xeon can now execute 48 or 96 simultaneous threads per node, a reality that's bound to help the architecture advance further in the high performance computing space. And at the very top end, there's also a 16-socket configuration on offer.

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bouncybullet3778d ago

Intel needs to calm the funk down.

lsujester3778d ago

Bouncy... your comment for some reason made me chuckle. Thanks!

DJ3778d ago

And just wait for the next chip.

devilhunterx3778d ago

I can run VISTA at 800x600 now :)

DoctorXpro3778d ago

Is this six-core Xeon better or faster than Cell?

karlostomy3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Just consider this:
Are PC makers considering the cell for use in PCs or laptops?
Are Macintosh considering the cell for their products?

The answer to those two questions may also be the answer to your original question