Did 2016 Truly Hold Up as a Comeback Year for the JRPG genre?

Earlier in February, I raised a question wondering if 2016 would be the best year for JRPGs since the late 90s.

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FallenAngel19841575d ago

Why is there always talk of some comeback? Every year we get a wide array of great JRPGs.

Summons751573d ago

I agree, JRPGs never went anywhere. People's entitlement and ridiculous expectations only grew to unreachable heights. JPRGs on the other hand either adapted or grew to stay current with gaming. I can't believe how many spoiled brats expected FFXV to be an 8 bit turn based game on a modern day console where we can get awesome gameplay and visuals.

Pennywise1381573d ago

I don't know where people get this idea that turn based RPGs can't be done on modern day consoles. Especially when you are talking visuals. For their time seeing a summons or advanced magic spell get cast in all the old final fantasy games were always epic, cinematic and beautiful. It was always so rewarding to watch a summoned creature come flying out of the sky or erupting from the ground. I'd love to see those cinematically on a modern console. Also turn based requires a level of skill and thinking that just can't translate to action based. Don't get me wrong I'm very much enjoying FF15 for lots of reasons but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's mostly button mashing and trying to not lose my character in all the frenetic action and wonky camera.

cemelc1573d ago

Well i completed XIII pressing x to win, and when lightning got her final attack i was destroying bosses, so there is no strategy in that... way better than XIII

majiebeast1573d ago

yeah a westernized garbage system that bores people to tears is much better.

never4get1573d ago

Not for AAAs. Game Engine still a huge undelying problem for JRPGs developers. Unreal Engine 4 is still Epic Fail, Scalebound gone silent, FFVII remake gone silent, KH2.8 looks terrible. Hope Dragon Quest XI dispel UE4 curse. Or we could just wait for the PS5. 4k 60fps FFXV, DQXI. Greatness Awaits.

FinalFantasyFanatic1573d ago

I blame the media's JRPGs are stagnant and need to change barrage of articles, we still get some fine games, a recent example for me would be WoFF, it's excellent with only a few flaws. I also enjoyed Neptunia V2 as a budget title, Legend of Heroes: trails of cold steel was good too (personally I don't enjoy it as much as I expected but most people can't say it's not a good game with just a few flaws).

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Derceto1573d ago

It did, until FF XV was released.

BloodyBorne1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

All I know, is that I bought far far more Japanese games this year, then I did western games. And looking forward, I know I'll be buying far more Japanese games next year than Western games.

Perjoss1573d ago

I used to turn to western indie titles when I went through my phases of being fed up with AAA gaming, but old and new Japanese RPGs are also an awesome alternative, there's so much good stuff that comes from Japan that most gamers might not even consider playing.

Chaosdreams1573d ago

This topic again eh. Well, to answer the question. My wallet hurts.

Now, what one calls a true "JRPG" and how one refers to its "revival" "return" or so forth, is entirely opinion based. In the state of mind most people have, it's negativity central. So even if things are going great, people will still point and ask if it is "great."

It's kind of exhausting. Especially considering there's clearly a good chunk of games that have come out or are coming out. Some just don't get as much exposure as say, an FPS.

That's why it's just good to make your own judgement.

For me, I'd say this year was stellar, and 2017 is going to be even better. (a little research will show that's the case).

Also, one last point. I'm in my mid twenties, and this past year I've purchased more rpg/jrpgs than I have in my entire life. But that's based on my age, when I started gaming, so forth. So that also brings into question, how exactly would the "return" of the genre ever be ascertained and widely agreed upon?

If there was a golden age prior, and then a dessert of nothingness during last gen, then I'd say we're currently polishing silver cups as we eye the golden crown. A few dragons in our way.

I'd say the genre is back. Alive. Different than it used to be, but it's back.

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