Grand Theft Auto 4 was Magnificent in 2008, and it's Still Fantastic Now

Grand Theft Auto became a household name on PS2 thanks to its cutting social commentary, unparalleled freedom and killer soundtracks, yet never before had a developer captured a sense of time and place quite like Rockstar North achieved with GTAIV.

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-Foxtrot660d ago

Not really. It was pretty boring for a GTA game, not to mention Nikko was bland himself

Overload660d ago

GTA V is great, but GTA IV did A LOT of things better than GTA V and doesn't get credit for it.

Watch this video.

demonddel660d ago

Not possible GTAV is the best gta game and its the best game this generation and last

2pacalypsenow660d ago

Nah GTA SA is still the best GTA game, story was 1000x better than 5

brich233660d ago

i remember that video, everything in gta V was basically a downgrade.

UCForce660d ago

I enjoy GTV IV more than GTV V. I played two expansion SP stories and they were great in my opinion.

sullynathan660d ago (Edited 659d ago )

Are you one of those guys that take crowbcats troll videos seriously? Someone did the exact same video but saying gta v was better.

No one plays gta for a story

RosweeSon659d ago

That video is lame he jumped from a building to building in 5 the building he was jumping too was Much higher than the fire escape niko jumped to which was reachable.

x_BlackRose659d ago

4 was my most played PS3 games for years on end, loved it. But 5 is something special, especially the online. It has flaws, what game doesn't? But I like 5 and Online much more than 4.

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PlayableGamez-660d ago (Edited 660d ago )

IVs online was better than Vs online..

detroitmademe660d ago

Lol you can't really believe that payablegamez. What do you mean?

KyRo659d ago


GTAV multiplayer may be fun when you actually get into a game but before that you got wait for a lobby that is never full most of the time, place bets, pick cars/outfits which takes more time then wait for the match to load. They should streamline it. It takes far to long to get into anything in GTAV

DeadlyOreo659d ago

I had WAY more fun playing GTA4 online than GTA5. Glad to see people feel the same way.

SegaGamer659d ago

Totally agree. GTA5's online is very messy and if you don't have much time on your hands then you may as well not bother because it takes such a long time to set things up and get going.

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ClayRules2012660d ago

I personally loved GTAIV. The world felt Alive & Lived in "in my opinion" I liked Niko. He was entertaining to me. Not sure how I'd feel about the game now tbh.

I also love GTAV too. A big step up, in storytelling, crafting an even more Living/Breathing world, full of wildlife, interesting things to do, a very stable, smooth running online MP component ( at least when I played it back in 2013 ) and great characters. Except Franklin. He annoyed me.

Newmanator659d ago

Alive? It looked so drab I questioned the existence of ROYGBIV

ClayRules2012659d ago

Lol, That's what I said bud. I don't know how I'd feel about the game as a whole now, but I was amazed back then.

detroitmademe659d ago

@kyro yea I'll admit the loading times are a bitch but I'll take that if it comes with a revolutionary multiplayer. So you think GTA 4's multiplayer is better just because of loading times? Let me get some of what you smoking my brother

madforaday659d ago

I was thinking the same thing, if he said other things on why he liked it GTAIV I would be like ohh okay make sense. If his main argument is about loading times than he should reevaluate his position.

I personally couldn't get into GTA IV, the movement was very stiff while running and walking. The driving was like the car was driving on ice the whole time. The story was decent, but quit half way through it (the mission where you have to snipe the Irish guy in the park). When they added trophies I replayed it again but didn't get as far as before.

Nintendo-or-Nothing659d ago

GTA4 made me feel like I was really doing something. Crusing around on my streetbike listing to awesome songs. This was a game changer.

ClayRules2012659d ago

Same here. I really loved the streetbike. How do you feel about GTAV?

You know, I've noticed with GTAIV & GTAV before their releases, the hype is out've this world. People are going crazy with how awesome the game is going to be, how Rockstar has raised the bar "Again" and continues to show why they're the Kings of Open World Games. But than, the game releases, and I hear so much complaining ect... It shocks me each time. I'd say its about 50% ( Love it ) & 50% ( Hate it. )

I have little complaints of my own with GTAV, and with GTAIV back than. But both games raised the bar "in my opinion"

Nintendo-or-Nothing659d ago

@ clay

I play gta5 all the time. It is my killer app on the ps4. I wont stop playing until gta6 comes out.

TheColbertinator660d ago

Meh. Boring game

However the DLC was better like The Lost and Damned

2pacalypsenow660d ago (Edited 660d ago )

pretty shallow game imo, nothing like SA

TheColbertinator659d ago

SA had the largest and most diverse map,most fun missions,decent story and tons of side jobs.

Everything from flying jets to street racing to gang territory warfare


sullynathan659d ago

Gta V actually has the largest map in all the 3D gta games. It's twice the size of San Andreas.

It also has more side content than all gta games nor does it have as many bullshit missions as San Andreas.

RosweeSon659d ago

Mount chillad I think it was tho apart from that one mountain that whole island had jack shit to do its all well and good having big maps but gotta fill them with content as well unlike just cause etc. GTA3 small map but packed with missions. They all get bigger and better in their own ways. All great games all down to personal preferences I suppose ;)

sullynathan659d ago (Edited 659d ago )

This is wrong again. Gta v's map has far more content than any gta game before it.
Even if you removed mount Chili ad, gta v still has a much larger map and more content than previous gta games.

It's a fact. Gta 3 has even less main missions than gta 5. 66 from gta 3 to 69 of gta v. Gta v has far more side content too. If you were to count all side content, gta v has more than any gta game.

The only thing is gta v has less main missions than San Andreas and gta 4 but that's irrelevant because both games had too much crap in their main missions.

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