New Starcraft By 2008?

Hallelujah! Finally all RTS fans' prayers have been answered. According to Pro-G, it seems that a new Starcraft might be available by 2008.

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Genki5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

Starcraft (including it's expansion), in my humble opinion, is by FAR the best game EVER, regardless of platform. I remember playing it and becoming hooked when it first arrived, and to this day I engage in some games on from time to time. I don't want to see it next year, that's too early, because they're coming off the heels of the WoW expansion.

I'm simply hoping that they take enough time to improve upon the most well balanced game ever conceived. Should it really come out next year, all I hope is that it lives up the standard set by the original. I have yet to play a strategy game that comes close to Starcraft by any stretch of the imagination. Just my opinion, though, folks.

To the RTS fans who may have missed this rarest of gems, I give it my highest recommendation, it's a classic, in every sense of the word.

FirstknighT5224d ago

Starcraft is a good game but I never played it enough to get good at it! I played online alot with some friends but when I took my game to the hardcore. They would woop my butt! I'll be working on my first tank and they are already sending 10 deathstar ships!!!

Genki5224d ago

to play with some of the elites on, but one thing I loved about the game was the balance. Once you got good enough with one race, you had the knowledge and tools to utterly destroy either of the other two, and in fact combat your same race as well. Masterpiece of a game.

nice_cuppa5224d ago

is it on 360...
i hope so...
just sitting here at my pc in my living room on my sofa is annoying me....
put it on 360 if you want me to buy it.
pc;s are so crap...
pop up, up dates, stupid anti-virus, you dont have enough system memory... this sound card is not compatable... drivers from amd can be downloaded from....

grifter0245224d ago

This is gonna be cool I as well play on but its usually the use map settings type you know the evo's one but i really like that game it was a heck of a lot of fun compared to warcraft i think. Terrans by far coolest.

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