How accurate are video game rumors?

How many of those gaming rumors you read about actually turn out to be true? GameDaily analyzed an entire year's worth of rumors as reported in popular gaming magazine EGM. You may be surprised at what they found out.

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Marriot VP5236d ago

Okay let me simplify all this for you

If the rumor is anti-PS3 = FALSE
If the rumor is pro-PS3 = TRUE and better than expected

MikeMichaels5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

This place is full of you Xtards trying to sell as many 360's as possible before Sony takes over the market.

...once it hits Europe the takover is in full swing.

You may as well just give in and by a one, once again Sony's console is going to have the best games from Japan "and" NA.

power of Green 5235d ago

No i think this sites full of you hardcore PS fans posting BS opinions as news all day to try and convice people the PS3 is doing better than it really is because it might flop.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5235d ago

I dont think Sony fans know that there console is on the brink of failure. I hope for sake of having some choice that Sony doesnt fail, I dont want to go back to a two console war, I just want Sony and there big A$$ mouth to come in third. Its nice to have some American gaming back where it started.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5235d ago

you really,truly justify paying that many Euros for a system that has " ONE " game worth owning?

mucho 995236d ago

of kingdom hearts being given up by SE, has it been proven true?

Dusk5235d ago

the fanboy comment from MikeMichaels is the epitamy of all that is ignorant from fanboys. Let's break it down:

First, you must start with some sort of insult that reveals that the mental age of you as a poster is about five. In this case, he chose the ever popular "xtard."

Second, and this is Sony-specific, you must use the 'just you wait and see' line. For the past year plus now, all Sony fanboys have taken the approach of, 'oh yeah, well once [insert crap here] happens then you'll see that the PS3 [insert more crap here].' I mean, when are we going to start to see all this PS3 greatness? One would have assumed that it would have been when the PS3 hit the market, but that time came and went with no greatness. Where are all the great games? Where are all the great graphics? Where's the LIVE killer? Where are all the great services? When are PS3s going to actually stop collecting dust on store shelves and end up in peoples homes? Since these questions don't really have answers, the fanboys use the 'just you wait and see' line. In the case of this fanboy, he used, "once the PS3 hits Europe blah blah blah."

Finally, and this is true for every fanboy, you must make some wild prediction that has little to no actual backing. The odds of this prediction coming true are next to nil, especially since actual facts as seen by rational people point in the opposite direction of this 'prediction.' Be that as it may, the prediction must still be made. In this case he used, "Sony's console is going to have the best games from Japan and NA." Ironically, just like Sony, he is ignoring Europe, as if no quality games come from that section of the planet.

So there you have it, the epitamy of fanboy posts broken down and defined. If you follow these three easy steps, you can be a fanboy poster too.

mucho 995235d ago

not true, yeah there are quite a few delusional peeople saying crap like PS3 will kill all other consoles or whatever, but then theres just as many, if not more, 360 fanboys always talking trash like ZOMG PS3 IS SH%T, or just saying random crap that isn't even true

grifter0245235d ago

Wow funny how you attack 360 owners already. DANG cant you just like stop doing that or is it already bred into you sooo much. Europe ok its not there yet wow cool but remember media is already over there and they probably know about the situation surrounding the ps3 so they might not really swing the console wars by however much u want them too. Just relax and forget the wars and just play on your console and if you still dont have any games go watch a movie on your bluray player then. But did you see that girl on the headlines the 1 that said "get out" SHE has no EYE"S !!! shes probably an alien twisting our brain !!!!

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