Forecast of 2009 for Microsoft Game Studios

Strategy Informer: "While 2008 may not be over, we thought it would be a good idea to explore the future for Microsoft Game Studios in 2009. Their current policy – which was implemented in 2007 – is to hype up their portfolio for the current year and avoid speaking about anything that won't release within the year's timeframe. Sure there are some exceptions to the rule, such as Halo Wars and Alan Wake, but both have been delayed more often than not.

So let's ride this train out of town and journey into the habitat that Microsoft wants to avoid talking about – the year 2009."

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Wildarmsjecht3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

For real..Alan Wake was announced about 2 years ago. It's become another KillZone2...except one is actually launching in February.


Actually E3 of 2005.

Fishy Fingers3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Alan Wake is still coming, as confirmed by Remedy Entertainment. Also, regarding KZ, Remedy have around 50 employees, where as Guerrilla Games have around 130 (plus Sonys assistance which is invaluable).

But I must admit, it's time to show something, if it's not working out as planned Id rather know sooner and if it is, well, then show us.

AllseeingEye3737d ago

360 enthusiasts always tout Alan Wake without any justifiable reason. This game may be vaporware. Besides Wake, I dont see anything interesting. Killer Instinct 3? LOL. Look at Sony's 09 lineup and youll see the condition of the 360.

Thoas3737d ago

Doesn't M$ have only 3 first party studios left?

DJ3737d ago

Lionhead, Turn 10, and Rare now. Every else was either shut down by Microsoft or left to become 3rd party developers. Ensemble Studios is only open until Summer 2009; once Halo Wars is completed, everyone will be laid off and the studio shut down for good.

Xi3737d ago

also aces, wingnut and live productions.

Pain3737d ago

just Clean your Glasses Kids and watch.

All the Real lolXbox games will be set for the XBOX 3 in 2010 and they will be the same ol rehashes like~

HALO 4 : Continued the fight Over There .
Gears of Emo's 3 : More Emo'ness
Alan Wake Up its Super time!!
Fable 3 the never Ending Suck athone~
Generic car racers 5/6/7/8
Upgraded Vision of on a 50 gig flash Drive Final fantasy 13 port
More Pay to Play Online!!! with 80% American tween's!!

And More M$ bought for You with Dying M$ Office/excel/Word Royaltie Money Games

KiddyBrownTurd3737d ago

and yet it will be better than anything on PS3...forever.

poooor droid

InfiniteUnfloppery3737d ago

Heavy Flops throughout the Year

Rekyyli3737d ago

And there´s no need for the forecast.

tocrazed4you3737d ago

No exclusive games except forza and that ninja game everything else is MULTIPLATFORM.

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