Koei Tecmo Ready to Work on New Hardware in 2017, Teases New Toukiden Reveal

Koei Tecmo has been very active in 2016, and it appears that they have some quite beefy plans for 2017 as well, as mentioned by some of the publisher's Producers on 4Gamer's traditional year end mass interview.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory712d ago

They already confirmed games coming to Switch and support so that a given.

stokedAF711d ago

I'm not familiar with the studio but they won me over with nioh. I watched the Japanese gameplay demos with no subtitles and they seem like decent, talented people from what I can tell. I will keep an eye on their games from now on.

blackblades711d ago

Not familiar, they been around for decades brah. Everyone gamer should know who they are and main games.

stokedAF711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

I have heard the name and I knew they did dynasty warriors. I don't play those games so I never really followed them. I'm not familiar.

Edit: after looking at the games the only ones I played are the ninja garden games lol. I didn't even realize that was from them.

Kashima711d ago

Nioh is Team Ninja studio not Omega.

blackblades710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

Koei and tecmo were different companies until they merged. Tecmo(Team ninja)was the ones that did ninja gaiden series. Koei (Omega)was the ones doing nioh back then but when the companies merged they let the tecmo (team ninja) do the game since they had better experience around that I believe.

Derceto711d ago

Koei Tecmo ready to release more DLC machines? What..... great news...... ya............

Fist4achin711d ago

Toukiden rocks! I can't wait to see more!