D3 Publisher Teases "Several Console Titles" for 2017, Wants to Give You an Erection

D3 Publisher is quite well known for games that are rather over-the-top, especially on the side of fanservice, so it’s not really surprised that the year-end message from Idol Death Game TV and Omega Labyrinth Producer Yujiro Usuda, part of 4Gamer‘s traditional year end mass interview, fits the theme.

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The_Sage718d ago

That's some funny shi.... stuff. I don't get it. I've always had real woman to help me with that.

rebeljoe14717d ago

should make a game called "Hard Times"

WeAreLegion717d ago

Sweet. I love getting erections.

Xzviur_Azai717d ago

Unless you're at work or school and have to do a presentation... have fun.

MRMagoo123717d ago

wear it proudly my friend wear it proudly.

k2d717d ago

Baffles be that people cringe up over this. Yes, it's artificial, but people have a strong dependency for interaction. Maybe this game will help them out someway for real. :)

isarai717d ago

I would punt a puppy for a new Earth Defense Force built from the ground up on PS4/Xbox one

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