CES 07: Chris Satchell Interview

As the General Manager of Microsoft's Games Developer Group, Chris Satchell has been one of the driving forces in making sure that developers have everything they need to make great games for the Xbox 360. He's also one of the men responsible for XNA, the tool that's making it easier for people to get into the business of making games, whether they're student, hobbiests, or garage developers. TeamXbox had a chance to sit down with the affable Brit at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.

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NextGen24Gamer5236d ago

You recently announced that the Xbox 360 has passed the 10 million units sold mark. What's the next big milestone that you're aiming for?

Chris Satchell: I think for this fiscal year that we're aiming for that 14 to 16 million mark, and after that it's just onwards and upwards. We've have announced any new targets beyond that.

nice_cuppa5235d ago

good job guys.
360 rocks.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5235d ago

...keep the AAA titles coming.