Original Valkyria Chronicles Series Will Continue; Devs Explain Why Valkyria Revolution Is Different

The upcoming JRPG Valkyria Revolution has proven to be quite polarizing among Valkyria Chronicles fans, as it comes with a completely different gameplay and view of the world. Yet, in an interview on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, Director Takeshi Ozawa and Producer Youichi Shimosato promised that they intend to continue the original Valkyria Chronicles series, also explaining why they decided to take a different path with Valkyria Revolution.

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naruga663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

to be honest the new style doesnt excite so much ...there are so many other average JRPgs like it that probably will be lost in the mass ....though i m excited to see the continuation of original VC least the VC1 had that mix of WW 1 atmosphere + its good JRPG qualities that made it completely unique

Chaos_Order662d ago

Glad to hear this. I loved VC 1+2 but I'm just not sold on Revolution. Looks like more of a Musou style game, not my cup of tea. I'd love for them to revisit the original series with its classic gameplay.

Or, you know... you could just localise VC3? Pretty please?

Viryu662d ago

First thing they should do would be to bring VC 2 and VC 3 to something different than PSP, and bring it to the West. After that they could think about VC 4 or whatever.

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