Bethesda’s Pete Hines Mocks Analyst For The Elder Scrolls VI Prediction

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has taken to Twitter to make fun of a recent The Elder Scrolls VI prediction from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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LucasRuinedChildhood2730d ago

How can an analyst be so uninformed? How the hell is he making firms money?

yay1112729d ago

Welcome... to games "JOURNALISM"

Reaper29r2730d ago

I can't stand Pachter but this guy is worse. We all know it's coming, I don't understand why they can't drip feed us info like before. Builds up hype and a lot of people go nuts over their games (I went to the midnight release for the one with the Alduin statue). Honestly if the next one is that far away, they should hire the Skywind guys and have them do a multiplatform remaster and release it sooner.

kingjames182730d ago

I feel ya Pete Hines view on letting us know about the game kinda goes contrary to what we think we "want". But he has a good purpose for what he is doing. It took the greatest of effort to just get a nod and a wink that ES:VI is even in development. The reason why he doesn't want to drip or give us chunks of info early is because of not wanting to get his product stale. Take Legend of Zelda:Breath of Wild for Exp, we keep getting info but then we keep getting the game pushed and pushed back this leads to people getting uninterested and "moving on". So he doesn't want this he wants to just go "BAM!" and be like "This is it guys we have ES:VI and it comes out this spring, yada yada!" Not "Game comes out in 4 yrs here is your screenshot of a prototype of a Prealpha concept of this very incomplete game" Then people are like "EEWWW so LAST GEN!!" and "What game is this?" and "This is the new ES? It looks worse then the last one!" So he doesn't want that.

Seraphim2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

you were on point until the last few sentences. Thing is they can release artwork. Then again, they do that and some other studio starts working on something similar; not that it would really matter. And it would be a waste of time and money to produce an in game preview to show. What they wouldn't do, even now, is give us a video or pics that we say, oh that is so last gen....

Fact is I'm all for not hearing about a game until closer to release. It's nice that the industry is learning from their past mistakes and refraining from announcing actual dates far too early. At the same time, the inevitable, such as this, they should at least come out and say it's development and are hopeful they can meet a target release year.

dauntingpixel2729d ago

I completely agree with seraphim. I much preferred the way they went about things with fallout 4.
"Here's a trailer hope you enjoy it." Fallout 4 announced officially and we're all excited. then they say "oh by the way - this game is coming in 6 months." and we al collectively lose our crap because we don't have the agonizing wait of the next 16 months

UnHoly_One2729d ago

I like that they don't tell us anything until it is basically done.

I loved that they did that with Fallout 4 last year.

@ E3 - "Hey by the way, we're making Fallout 4 and here is a trailer. Oh, and it comes out in 6 months, not in 2-3 years like most of the other games you'll see announced this week."

kingjames182730d ago

Michael Pachter is known for making very wide of the mark analysis of things. Anyone who trusts this guy on anything especially when it comes to making $$ should have their head checked. This guy seems to be in his own world.

Pantz2729d ago

i trust him to always be an ass

ElectricFeel2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Hines has proven he's a world class asshat several times in the past so I don't really see why people listen to him.

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MatrixxGT2730d ago

Why people care so much about suits continues to amaze me.

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TOTSUKO1d 2h ago

Won’t be missed. Xbox sucks at marketing in this industry. This is badly needed.

jznrpg1d 2h ago

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