The 20 Best Games of 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, our staff has put together a list of the best video games released this year ranging from Nintendo Wii U releases, to indie games, PS4 exclusives, triple-A titles and everything in between.

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thorstein1577d ago

How did you manage all of that on only 2 pages. You must be internet gurus!

crazychris41241576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

You dont see this anymore. We usually get 20 games on 27 pages so they can get their precious clicks. We understand you need to make revenue to keep the site up but be fair when it comes to lists. Im not going through 20 pages no matter what the topic is.

RickyDMTL1575d ago

We only put it into two pages because sometimes it takes too long to load up 20 images for readers. I did put our list of the best games of the century into one page at first but later I had to split it into two pages because of the loading time. We don't care about page views. I'm not in this to make money. Goomba Stomp is simply a community of gamers from around the world who like to blog. I'm happy with one reader or one hundred. It is all the same.