IncGamers: MMO Weekly 16/09/08

In our weekly MMO feature, Jeff Hollis talks Blizzard vs Mythic, Vanguard and whether the Crips play Guild Wars

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Leord3686d ago

Funny thing, I wasn't even interested in other MMO's before I started reading Jeff's summaries. This is just the right size for me, in all honesty.

Good read =)

darker3686d ago

Good read indeed, laughed aloud on the HKO part... =P

syrinx3686d ago

That is so true about the Warhammer/Blizzard thing as well. Nice timing ;)

AndyA3686d ago

Really enjoy these MMO features

JonahNL3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I must say Jeff has a point, but I don't think Blizzard considers WAR that much of a threat. SCII en DIII are getting a lot of attention lately, but WotLK not that much IMHO, so I can see why they're firing things up for WotLK this early, especially since Blizzcon '08 is coming up next month.

Maticus3685d ago

Another great MMO Weekly, thanks :)

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