Fatal Inertia preview

Video game publisher Koei, best known for its long-standing Dynasty Warriors franchise, enters the driving arena with Fatal Inertia, a 23rd century racing game that mixes weapons, slick looking rides and unique physics. Originally slated for the PlayStation 3 (and now coming to the Xbox 360), Fatal Inertia seems to provide gamers with a different type of high-speed experience, one that may compete with the likes of the Ridge Racer and Burnout franchises, providing its developers inject it with a healthy dose of speed.

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Antan5234d ago

I think this could be half decent actually. It obviously has the looks. I think this is a good addition to the PS3 and 360 lineups

nice_cuppa5234d ago

360 is were its at bi yatch

Antan5234d ago

Only 60? Im hoping for 74fps and 654 players on xbox live.

nice_cuppa5234d ago

was that supposed to be funny.

im just going by the presedence set by other games.

Antan5234d ago

No! this is what im hoping for!!

calderra5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

Wow, when did this happen?
Ah-well, I'll continue my bashing for the 360 version as well then- the devs have a serious case of showing vids that look nothing at all like the gameplay on this one.

Bla-bla, CGI, yadda-yadda.
Now for FI2-6, Fatal Inertia: Empires 1-MCXVII, and Fatal Inertia: Xtreme Legends: XXL: Holy crap there's even DLC this time: Black: II.

I love KOEI and all, but c'mon.

mucho 995234d ago

wow, I completely forgot about this game. Never was impressed by it though, but it's looking a lot better now.

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