Is Nintendo Switch just an Nvidia Shield in Disguise?

Specifications for the Nintendo Switch have leaked ahead of its March 2017 release date and, if true, the console is effectively an Nvidia Shield with a few more bells and whistles.

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xer0936d ago

Nobody wanted the Nvidia Shield... so this wouldn't surprise me!

wonderfulmonkeyman936d ago

There are way more gamers out there that want a Switch.

Erik7357936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

I agree. Both me and my roommate who have no interest in Nintendo have been interested in Switch.

Backlog of GameCube titles sounds good and launch for the first 6 months looks stronger than other launches for other consoles.

zb1ftw777935d ago Show
mikeslemonade935d ago

That's why the hardware isn't impressive. And as everybody said above, it's the Nintendo first party games that you buy the system for.

DarXyde935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Being older than most gamers on this site (I imagine), I never understood why people seem to believe it's cool to hate Nintendo nowadays. They're all that's left from an Era of gaming that really tried to reinvent itself with each iteration.

I'm curious, why do modern gamers dislike Nintendo? Because it's not like Playstation or Xbox? I'm partial to Playstation, but it's not very different from Xbox in terms of industry direction. Nintendo lags being in power, but I find their games charming and from a simpler time before developers were all trying to make interactive movies. Switch has an identity of its own and I applaud Nintendo in their lack of convention. At the end of the day, I consistently replay Nintendo games, dating back to Contra and Castlevania. I don't really care to go back generations on the other two, but that's me.

Well, I've said my piece. Feel free to disagree.

gamerswin24935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

I am 38 years old and grew up on Nintendo, Sega, TurboGrafx, etc. And disagree with you on every level. Your narrative that ppl are hating on Nintendo because its "cool" is frivolous at best. You seem stuck in the 90's.

Its funny because I myself have fallen out with Nintendo because I no longer find their games "charming". You state that Sony and Microsoft are so much alike which I beg to differ, if anything I see Nintendo and Microsoft being closer in relationship as they both rely on sequels and few new IPS or innovative software to push their consoles. While Sony is constantly giving us new and innovative IPS every generation such as Journey, Warhawk, Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers, Tear Away, Gravity Rush,Tlou, Uncharted, soon Dreams, Horizon, etc what do we get from Nintendo? Just sequel upon sequel with rarely any new IPS thinking outside the box. Regurgitation at its best. This reinventing you claim has not been Nintendo in software since the 90's. The only new, fresh IP I can think of as of late from Nintendo has been Splatoon (I won't even mention trash Devils Third lol).

Beyond that while other companies are moving forward in hardware advancements and features Nintendo is playing this game of trying to sell underpowered hardware (compared to other consoles) at premium price with a spin on gimmick (some of you call innovation in hardware but its them trying to get over on consumers selling their hardware for so High). Old, out dated features. Like come on Nintendo was a generation behind on creating HD games lol that's embarrassing, they were still using archaic numbers to add friends, has a bare bones online structure, few features while the "others" you claim are the same are going neck and neck to give gamers constant firmware updates that add more and more features.

And my favorite part of Nintendo. They unlike the other companies rarely, if ever lower the price on their old, underpowered consoles or games. That in itself is very anti consumer. While other systems get bought up or not they eventually drop in price but of course Nintendo being the close minded, old farts they are refuse to rarely drop price at all on their home consoles lol.

Sorry dude IMO Nintendo is very dated and that Mario, Donkey Kong, etc magic fell off a long time ago. They need to reinvent themselves or at least give us fresh and new innovative IPS. They need to step it up in hardware and stop looking for the next gimmick to use as a scapegoat for why ppl should paytop dollar for a weaker ystem. They haven't lost millions of fans for no reason or because its "cool" to hate them.

UltraNova935d ago

I have to agree with gamerswin on this one. As a 31 year old guy who started gaming at the age of 5 (Atati 2600) and still considers the N64 as his all time favourite console, I'm deeply dissapointed with Nintendo's direction after the Gamecube. No new Mario/Zelda level IPs...outdated harware with a gimmick that gets old a month later and now bluring the line between handhelds and consoles while controling the handheld scene by themselves... Frankly, I'm baffled and dissapointed.

desy64935d ago

@ gamerswin24

34 y.o. here

Sony and Microsoft also have had their share of anti consumer decisions, hence regreting them and correcting. Nintendo is more conservative, I agree, but they keep reinventing some of their games close to perfection. MK8 is one of those examples and it seems the new Zelda is going the same direction. Not to mention the masterpiece in level design called Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze or the NEW IP Wonderful101, one of my personal favourites.

I play the "other" games on my ps4 and I do feel THEIR games are becoming stale (apart from Naughty Dog's efforts).

Switch is Nintendo's last chance in hardware, let's give them hope for success instead of pre-bashing it. The world WILL lose colors without Nintendo

DarXyde935d ago


Let me approach this in pieces.

First, I'm not stuck in the 90s. Should that be the case, I wouldn't own the current consoles. Parts of my gaming tendencies are still influenced by the 90s though such as a preference for couch co-op over online multiplayer and a preference for physical media over digital. That's really it.

Second, you describe Nintendo as being closer in relation to Microsoft because of...the IPs in use? I would argue that Nintendo does far more to reinvent their current IPs than either of the other two. Certainly, the foundational functions still apply, but Super Mario 64 is nothing like Mario Sunshine which is nothing like Mario Galaxy. The Zelda games change considerably with each iteration after Majora's Mask. Nintendo's innovations largely mirror that of Kojima's innovations where Metal Gear Solid and two are most similar, but 3 changes a lot, then 4 changes a lot, then Peace Walker changes a lot, and, finally, The Phantom Pain changed a lot. So Nintendo's use of their IPs actually makes sense. And to substantiate this claim, the very reason Nintendo will not make a new F-Zero, for now, is because they feel they reached an impasse where they could not offer anything new to the experience ( I like Sony and the Xbox. They make great games and consoles. I actually game most on my PlayStation. That said, Sony innovates in terms of IPs, but other than that, their direction just feels like the natural progression of technology with nothing particularly standout outside of their games. Yes, the games are fantastic, because that's where Sony innovates. In terms of Hardware, Sony adopts a tried-and-true approach: increase the power, build upon the established controller, develop online infrastructure. To add to that, Sony created the idea for PlayStation Move years before Wii, but I would certainly say the Wii reinvigorated their interest in motion control gaming following Wii's success.

DarXyde935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Sony's hardware choices appear largely based on where they believe the industry is going: people loved the DS's touch screen, so Sony puts one in the Vita and a back touch panel that would be useless if you didn't use it as the R2 and L2 substitutes and Tearaway. Then the light bar, which is a useless, battery-draining feature because not even Sony's first party studios care to make great use of it (Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered withstanding, those were great uses). Sony adds a touchpad to the PS4. I love the DualShock 4, but many of its features seem to be "just in case this thing takes off". You can't deny the addition of motion sensing, controller speaker, and light bar feels like them covering bases and to prevent another Wii success story. Microsoft also uses a tried and true approach by building upon their previous standards with more power, online infrastructure, and refining their own designs. How you compare Microsoft to Nintendo before Sony escapes me, but to each, their own. But let me ask you this: these new IPs that you mention from Sony--many are great, but some clearly draw inspiration from other titles on other consoles. Mod Nation Racers wants to be LittleBigPlanet and Mario Kart, meanwhile, we also have LittleBigPlanet Karting, and LittleBigPlanet itself wants to be a further fleshed out classic Super Mario game (which is funny since Mario Maker very clearly draws inspiration from LittleBigPlanet). So, you see, how Sony and Nintendo define innovation differs dramatically. Sony sees innovation as more new IPs that probably feature familiar mechanics to other series. Nintendo may recycle their IPs, but the big ones feel like great new experiences. Zelda, for example, from Majora's Mask to Windwaker to Twilight Princess to Skyward Sword to Breath of the Wild features familiar characters but they went very far to reinvent these games with welcome changes. I love Uncharted, but you tell me, how much has the series evolved beyond refined mechanics and a grappling hook? That's not at all a bad thing, but it makes a case for my position of where Sony stands with their IPs and where Nintendo stands. Microsoft makes a new IP here and there, but the old ones never really evolve. They're in a bit of a weird purgatorial position and for that reason, I see their first party offering as the weakest. Now, which do I prefer between Sony and Nintendo? Nintendo's first party support is pretty series, but so is Sony's. I think I couldn't decide because both have their own merits. It depends on the experience I want at the moment.

DarXyde935d ago


I think I addressed the gimmick remark earlier when I talked about the Light Bar and touchpad. Let's try to understand each other on gimmick versus innovation--I do not use the two interchangeably. A gimmick, in my opinion, involves a novelty feature that never gets used. The Wii U's screen mostly mirrors the TV screen so, for that reason, I would treat that as a part-time gimmick since it does very little to enhance the gaming experience unless it does something functionally different, which it does for games like Zelda. Now, before the advent of PlayStation VR, the PlayStation eye was a gimmick. The light bar is a gimmick. The touchpad is a gimmick. Motion sensing in modern controllers is a gimmick. The Switch, I would say, is not. It's a feature to be supported by every game. I would classify it as an innovation.

Lastly, Nintendo being anti-consumer is true at times. I can certainly agree that their pricing practices could be revised. The other companies are no angels either. Sony's decision to move online multiplayer behind a paywall while dropping the quality of PlayStation Plus titles is a pretty anti-consumer move, not to mention the price hike. And you know what? Sony is not going to change that because they're in a position of power. Microsoft, well, they're still trying to change their image by basically giving things away and it still isn't working to the effect they would have liked.

The magic of Switch is the support it's basically destined to have: Nintendo has many partners working on the 3DS. Many. You lump them in with the console developers and the new support, and you have a lot to look forward to.

The hardware is generally underpowered compared to the other consoles, but Nintendo pursues what they believe is the average gamer who just wants to escape reality for a while and unwind. I think PlayStation/Xbox exclusive gamers don't realize how much they want to be PC gamers. The amount of spec talk from armchair tech gurus throwing out tech terms like TFLOPS and GDDR5 is pretty indicative of that. If you really care about power, invest in a PC.

Nintendo represents simplicity and I love that they're different...but I also play a little bit of everything. I don't intend to change your mind, just to defend my position more thoroughly. I wholeheartedly don't really care that you disagree. I only replied to provide you with some insight since you bothered to verbalize your disagreement.

XisThatKid935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

I doubt age has to do with much of it and your analysis shows that what Nintendo is doing is wrong and rely 50% on ones "'Member berries" I'm not a nostalgic person. I don't find companies soley pulling on ones 20-30 year old gaming gems. I understand legacy but i owe Ninty nothing and to neither other companies. When they make a good product i buy it if i like it, bottom line. To think that people don't like Ninty "for the likes" and try to be cool is true in some cases I'm sure since sheeple DO exist and it goes both ways the same. It appears when i grew up many were to afraid of disagreeing with the big N or is fans were shunned out of gaming conversations because they didn't think Zelda was the game for them. It's not fair you can pull that card now. We just live in a time where Ninty hadn't been the easy to defend glory it once was. Many are pulling the wool and seeing what they are really doing and just not on board with it especially since they can get many of the same experience elsewhere or can just live without the modern regurgitations of the memories they loved.
It's not a bad thing to not stick with an association that doesn't keep to your personal standards especially if they did in the past. And for the rec they've only made 2 out dated "underpowered" systems. I'm tied of that excuse they make up for power with charm or gimmicks the same. They've had power on their side until the Wii then they abandoned that idea. GC was the middle of Xbox and PS2s power and every major console they released at the time where "stronger"than its competition.
All companies have done wrong by their fans at some point MS And Sony tend to attempt to appease their consumers by attempting to give them what they think their customers want. Nintendo gives what Nintendo wants. You want star fox take this charming wool looking Yoshi game (That's a bit extreme) and They've gotten away with starving their fans and for the most part people been OK with it because Nintendo. But that time has past for them to skate free. Matter of fact i find most above the age of 25 gamers are the ones turning their backs for same or similar reasons.

KakashiHotake935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

33 years old here. I used to love Nintendo back in the days. Till this day I still feel the NES and Super NES were some of the best years of gaming. Having said that, it could just be that we're getting older and the best times we remember of Nintendo was when we were still kids. You have to realize that a 12 year old kid today sees a PS4 and Xbox the same way we used to see Super NES and Sega Genesis. I do understand where you're coming from though but times change and so do we. You also have to factor in the social media element that was non existent for our generation. We got all our gaming news from magazines and funcoland, now people can just whip out there phones and watch trailers and speak their minds at the push of a button which have both good and bad implications. We were blessed to come up during a time when things were simple but now everything is getting more complicated and everyone has an opinion.

DarthZoolu934d ago

I'm 30 and I dislike what nintendo has been doing because I like games that grow with the times. I just expect games to evolve. I play many games today that I played 20 years ago and most of them have come a long way and have advanced quite a bit.

MyDietEqualsGames934d ago

The only thing Switch does that is innovative is the hybrid console/portable thing. That is the biggest draw. Aside from that it does nothing new. It reinvents what a console can be, and to me that might be enough.

It is going to be up to Nintendo to bring the games and hopefully we don't see the enormous dry spells like how WiiU had. I want a Switch but I will wait to see what is announced, how it performs, how it's supported.

I got burned by the Wii u for going day 1, not this time.

DarXyde934d ago


Very understandable why you might hold off on Switch, and I certainly respect your willingness to keep an open mind. Now about redefining what a console can be, I agree that is good enough. I don't think people will fully appreciate this strategy and how it helps all gamers: since Nintendo can focus their efforts on one unit that is both console and handheld, that could reinvigorate the Japanese market. You reinvigorate the Japanese market, we may see more Japanese games. Since porting seems to be a fairly painless transition if we're possibly getting PS4/XBOX One ports, we may see these games available on Playstation and with region free capabilities, developers will see a demand in the west, and the industry is stronger because of it when they come over.

Personally, I like that Nintendo tries to create "new generation" experiences rather than "next generation". I love the element of unpredictability. I love my Playstation and I like my Xbox, but their next consoles will be pretty predictable in my opinion, save for a few surprises I'm sure. Just love that Nintendo always does something different.

Like I said, I'm definitely a Playstation gamer for the most part, but comparing Xbox and Playstation feels like comparing Apple and Samsung where the upgrades are cool, but ultimately, they're both turning into each other.

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935d ago
LOL_WUT936d ago

It's got the Vita written all over it ;)

Nivekki935d ago

You're blind LOL_WUT, it clearly says Nintendo Switch - https://cdn02.nintendo-euro...

I suggest a trip to Specsavers, maybe you've been giving yourself a bit too much 'attention', if you know what I mean. Affects your eyesight apparently.

rjason12934d ago

It's crazy when people want things that they know nothing about to fail, just so it can fuel their hatred further. I'm gonna laugh when this thing turns out to be a hit, and most of you trolls will scuttle back under your bridges with your tail between your legs.

RedTfox935d ago

Yeah, since a see it, it left me that impression.

joab777935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

I'm not sold that this will do any better than the WiiU. Well, maybe a bit better. But it's gonna have to have great software because there are already great consoles, and I can play PS4 games on my iPhone 7 already. That and ppl prefer easy, cheap mobile gaming on the go, especially on a device that can also play movies, text and surf the web.

It's why I thought the Vita should have included Google Play or The App Store. A partnership to offer a real mobile device that also had Now and Vue, and the ability to download games from PS store.

We will see. But I don't see it selling in droves if all we can play are inferior versions of games that came out last yr. And it's a real risk b/c their console competition is already well ahead, they will never replace mobile phones, and the king of mobile is the DS, which they already do very well with.

UnHoly_One935d ago

I think it might actually do worse than the Wii U.

DarXyde935d ago

NVIDIA Shield can't run Breath of the Wild, so I'm going to say no, Nintendo Switch is not an NVIDIA Shield in disguise.

ape007935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

lol wut?? xD xD, the Nvidia shield is more powerful than the switch docked full mode based on latest rumors, the switch is an underclocked Nvidia shield in both GPU and CPU and run even on slower GPU clock wise when it's undocked

actually the xbox 360 from 2005 is more powerful GPU wise than switch undocked mode, do the math, switch GPU undocked clock speed is 307.2 MHz and has 256cuda core and there are 2 actions per core, multiply we get

256*307.2*2 = 157286.2 Mega flops = 157.2 Giga flops, xbox 360 GPU = 240 Gigaflops...LOL

DarXyde935d ago

I'm not reading the entirety what you wrote.

Why? Because you took my comment seriously. I was not suggesting Shield cannot physically process it. I meant it doesn't and will not have it.

ape007935d ago

bro u said shield can't run, the first thing that come to mind when someone say something like that is power but don't get me wrong, i can't wait for the switch, Zelda BOTW will make it a must buy :)

D0ffy935d ago (Edited 935d ago )

Yeah cause gigaflops and frequencies is all that matters. Architecture, technology and APIs that are a full decade newer does not mean anything at all in terms of power and efficiency, certainly not. Of course it doesn't.

Jesus, I hate it when people on this site think they know a single thing about tech because they can spew out numbers and techy buzzwords. The Switch isn't gonna be as powerful as the PS4 and people who believe that are frankly incredibly stupid (unless they want a 500-600 dollar system, it is a handheld after all). Maybe it'll be around the Xbox One in terms of power, but I doubt that as well. But I can assure you that the GPU will be a lot more powerful than the Xbox 360, that's obvious to anyone with a pair of working eyes that have seen the footage of BotW and anyone who actually knows what Nvidia tech the Switch is based around.

Again, gigaflops do not mean jack. The actual performance of the thing does and we won't know that until it is finally properly unveiled. Maybe then the pseudo tech savvies of this site will finally be quite.

DarXyde935d ago



I wouldn't say anything like that without trying to substantiate my position first. I imagine you would not be familiar my posting habits, but if I did mean that Shield could not physically process the game, I would say exactly that (I did not research the specs personally, so I don't know, nor do I care). My comment was unintentionally ambiguous, so I can see why you came to that conclusion.

rjason12934d ago

Yeah from the rumors! You know? Things that aren't fucking fact because they contradict what actual developers and Nvidia, who have worked on and built the system have stated.

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