Ratchet & Clank's PlayStation 4 Remake Nails The PS2 Throwback

ArcadeSushi's Payton Knobeloch writes: "The more I dive deep into the PS4 version of Ratchet & Clank, the more it feels like a Ratchet game from 2002. And I mean that in the best way possible.

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crazychris41242231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Great game but the Clank missions are boring and the death by disco trophy is a huge pain in the ass.

Gaming_Cousin2230d ago

Is that the type of face you have when playing games?

crazychris41242230d ago

Sometimes, made exact opposite face when I finally got the trophy on my 4th playthrough.

InMyOpinion2230d ago

The hoverboard races were a bit boring and maxing all the guns took some work. Incredible game though.

InMyOpinion2230d ago

One of few games that I replayed directly after finishing it.

FallenAngel19842230d ago

This game play nothing like he original game. I understand you like revisiting the title, but this latest installment is more like taking all the mechanics of later installments and reworking it into this remake.

UCForce2229d ago

It is reimagined. So I bet the sequel is going be like that.

Movefasta19932230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

4 things I want insomniac to do
1.Sequel to into the nexus
2.Resistance 4
3.sunset overdrive 2 + xbox/pc + port the first to pc
3.Resistance trilogy at 1080/60 (drools)

FallenAngel19842230d ago

There doesn't need to be a Resistance 4, the series already ended perfectly on R3

gunnerforlife2230d ago

I think they should have continued from fall of man into the second 1 instead of changing everything

Movefasta19932230d ago

They could always continue it,the chimera attacked more than one country ,we could follow the steps of a different soldier

FallenAngel19842230d ago

@ Move

That would've been too depressing even this franchise. Former protagonist Nathan Hale gets killed but his blood was key to starting Capellie's adventure to end the chimera. The entire ending of R3 had a sense of finality to it with the Chimera starting to die off. No other characters even have the ability to resist the chimeras virus, which is the entire namesake of the franchise. To needlessly make another sequel would just ruin that one optimistic moment in this franchise and would feel empty.

Rhezin2229d ago

Speak for yourself. A lot of people would still like to play in the Resistance universe. The ending of R3 sucks. There needs to be more. The franchise would not feel "empty", go to your safe space and stay there.

FallenAngel19842229d ago

The ending was perfect. In any case there's no point in arguing since Insomniac feels the same way I do on this matter and won't return to the series.

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Deep-throat2230d ago

"Remake Nails The PS2 Throwback"

Doesn't nail it. The remake runs at a lower frame rate, 30FPS.

joab7772230d ago

Really? This game is stunning! And it runs fine!

Deep-throat2229d ago

It looks great and runs fine, but the frame rate is still worse than the OG one.

Watch this: (select 720p60 or higher)

UCForce2230d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

It run smooth 30fps. No wonder why I hate PC elitist like you.

Edit : @Frinker Ratchet and Clank is a reimagined and yes it is much different than the original one. And also @Deep-Throat, the game run just fine. You can't please everyone as game developers. The story is just fine, expect the villain who is less stellar.

Edit #2: @Frinker I know how you feel. But if you want to see improvement, then wait for the sequel.

Deep-throat2229d ago

it's about the OG that had a smoother frame rate...

30fps is never good enough to be called "smooth", though.

NotanotherReboot2229d ago

Ratchet and Clank had no character development. They were friends instantly unlike in the original where there was conflict.

NotanotherReboot2229d ago

But they wont be able to amend this in the sequel. It needed to happen in the first game

NotanotherReboot2230d ago

Agreed, mate. It also had less levels, worse character development and story.

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