Every Modern Final Fantasy Game Ranked Worst to First by Their Metacritic Score

Don't fight the messengers OK?

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PhoenixUp1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

This list doesn't seem to have every mainline entry on it

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PhoenixUp1975d ago

There was no Metacritic when FFVII released yet its on this list.

jhenri1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

There was when it was re-released on pc and ps4. Plus the article says it's modern FF games.

cash_longfellow1975d ago

Game's fantastic...I finally took the plunge about two weeks ago, and I literally can't put it down.

shammgod1975d ago

Yeah, it's a time sink, but definitely worthy. Heavensward is amazing and hoping storm blood follows suit next year

cash_longfellow1974d ago

@shammgod...I'm loving every minute. I'm still very early into it. Tanking my first go round, Marauder level 25.

Onenyte1974d ago

If you are on Odin server , give me a shout :)

PhoenixUp1974d ago

They're only counting the Metascore of that platform the game first arrived on

Viryu1975d ago

I don't think it represents quality, as it does the evolution of gamers and the internet. Notice how PSX and PS2 games are rated really high. Internet accessibility, and as such, ability to comment online, was rather low, or didn't peak that much interest. It was around the PS3 era that everything spiked and comments became heated. With the culture tending more towards critique with time and the nostalgia to "good ol'times," new games would be rated lower in the eyes of specific commenters, even though those games might present a better value than their predecessors.

Please don't kill me for writing this >.<

ninsigma1975d ago

That's exactly the case. No reason for anyone to kill anyone!

SoulMikeY1975d ago

That's like the most "I don't want to kill you" comment ever. lol

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kevnb1975d ago

For this series the psx and ps2 iterations were the best.

FinalFantasyFanatic1974d ago

I always remember there being alot of discussion on the PSX generation of games via online forums and fansites (look at all the plot theories we have). The PSX generation was the height of the series popularity anyway, it was cheaper and faster to pump games out at that time. I think the AAA budgets for series like Final Fantasy cause it a variety of problems since development becomes more complicated.

In my opinion FFX was the last good Final Fantasy, after that, each title seemed to have a major issue particular to that game.

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