Best Indie Game of 2016

There was a time when “indie” was a genre completely subversive to what the industry brought out. Nowadays, indie development means so much more. It means new experiences, doing things differently, delivering triple-A quality stories in hereto unseen ways and even taking us back to the glory days of retro gaming.

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sullynathan660d ago

I liked salt and sanctuary, killing floor 2 and shadow complex remastered this year

NukaCola660d ago

Just platinum'd THE WITNESS. I have to say this game was incredible. I do wish there was more trophies because there are tons of secrets and things to find. Definitely a 9.5/10 and probably the best puzzle game in ages. I hope it comes to Vita someday.

Errorist76659d ago

Definitely amazing stuff.

KingAlistair659d ago

In 2016?Nothing great.Just get Risk of Rain and Transistor.