Amazon Christmas Digital Sale 2016: Save Up To 75% Off

"Amazon is offering up to 75% off on digital games for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS Vita. Deals include Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall 2, The Crew Ultimate Edition, Just Cause 3, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, Gears of War 4, Halo 5 Guardians and lots more!"

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InTheZoneAC1640d ago

do people realize that all these amazon digital sales are copied directly from the ps store sales?

Raziel8931640d ago

Yea why in the hell would I add an extra step in downloading my game. Might as well buy from the source if the price is the same.

RyanDJ1640d ago

*raises hand* I have Amazon credit, so I'd have to add an extra step buying gift cards to use! ;)

ExplodingJuice1639d ago

Alot of people (myself included) received Amazon giftcards for Christmas. No brainer there.

yomfweeee1639d ago

I had over $20 in no-rush shipping credits to burn.

Soc51640d ago

Digital takes up all my hard drive space, and can't resell im going back to physical.

r3f1cul1639d ago

the resell i guess i get... but your hard drive gets taken up either way O.o so that part is just nonsensical as an argument

ironicbunz1639d ago

You realize physical and digital take up the same amount of space right?

PlatinumGX1639d ago

Didn't think that through, did you? Lmao

Soc51638d ago

I'm glad you laughed your butt off lol
I thought you saved some space no? Using a physical copy
it's also a lot easier to reinstall a game from a disc then re-download A huge game

OrbitingTheOrb1639d ago

A physical disk is a lot more convenient to install or reinstall when you need space freed up, as opposed to waiting for hours when you have to download a 60gb game. If sony would pull their head out of their ass and allow external hard drives, I might buy more games digitally on PS4, but as it stands, ill only buy smaller indie games digitally on PS4.

I have a lot of games downloaded to the 5tb external drive of my X1 though, because microsoft actually give you the option instead of telling you that the only way to get more space is to replace the internal hdd, which I have no interest in doing.

mac_sparrow1639d ago

I too would like external hdd support for game installs on ps4. However, being able to swap the internal hard drive is preferable to not having that option. I have swapped the hdd on my original ps4, my bedroom one and my pro and it is a simple and quick process.

Both manufacturers should allow both options, some like me would appreciate the extra storage, despite the 2TB drives I have installed internally; others would like to increase internal capacity so as to not need an extra box in their entertainment set up.

Reading your comment history briefly, you appear to be a rounded and savvy individual, but here you talk about options, then discount one because you personally are not interested.

I share your sentiment regarding physical media re-installation convenience however.

mattdillahunty1639d ago

Why does it say Madden 17 is $30 on PS4 in the article, but it's $60 on amazon? Is it first come, first serve?

Raziel8931639d ago

Because the sales were matching psn flash sale price but that ended today so im assuming amazon ended their price matching at the same time as psn flash sale.