Actress Marion Cotillard doesn't like video games

Marion Cotillard is starring in "Assassin's Creed" but the actress says she has "no relationship" with video games.

The French actress stars in the movie adaptation of the popular video game series, but does not have any real interest in the series itself.

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DoomeDx1395d ago

Why should we care about an actress not liking video games?

Gwiz1395d ago

Not to mention most gamers not caring about this movie

-Foxtrot1395d ago


I said it was going to be shit but nobody wanted to listen



MVGeneral1395d ago

Top notch comments, for the both of ya's. (Doomedx and Gwiz)
*tips hat

Kingthrash3601394d ago

Outrage culture article. ...creeping it's way into gaming...smh.
I wouldn't expect an actress for movies to be into gaming. It shouldn't be a requirement to like games for a game based movie. Smh.....I can't shake my head hard enough.

Captain_Mushroom1394d ago

another high-quality article, right here, on N4G; keep up the good work, guys; you're definitely the next IGN

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Timesplitter141395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Feels refreshing to hear she doesn't like videogames, as opposed to those celebrities being paraded in front of us at E3 pretending they care

On an unrelated note, Assassins Creed seems like an absolute cancer of a film. Can't believe this appeals to anyone

Kreisen1395d ago

Yeah at least she didnt pull the classic "I love Pacman".

-Foxtrot1395d ago

We shouldn't are 100% right but it does show a problem with video game adaptations when they get actors who don't care about the game they are doing or video games in general. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Fassbender doesn't even give a shit that much for games

The 10th Rider1395d ago

I don't think that's a problem at all. A good actor or actress (who are both good) should be able to do fine even if they have no knowledge of the source material. What would be concerning is if the creative team behind the movie . . .producers, directors, writers, etc . . . were unfamiliar with the material they're working with.

-Foxtrot1395d ago

I would still expect the actors to like the game and understand it. I would want them to get into the characters or what their characters are based on. Like here Fassbender was obviously based off Desmond and Cotillard off Lucy yet they just fell flat.

Now she's saying she doesn't like games, so she's obviously not played Assassins Creed.

If I was a director doing a video game adaptation I would get the actors to play through the game they are doing.

Ravenor1394d ago

Actors not caring about the game in question is irrelevant, you should care about your performance and the script regardless of where it came from.

You can have someone who loves Assassin's Creed and has played them all. It doesn't mean the movie would be better, it won't change the script, it won't change the direction at all. The source material shouldn't matter, if you've been cast for a part it should be because the casting director saw you fitting into the character. Not because you remember where all the feathers are in AC2.

DragonKnight1394d ago

Actors should not have to care about the game, but they should AT LEAST play it and get an idea of what the world and characters are like if they are going to be a part of that world in movie form. Method acting works.

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ApolloTheBoss1395d ago

Never even heard of the actress to be honest.

TacoTaru1395d ago

I look at her picture and know she is thinking - "How can anyone waste their time with video games when they could be admiring me ?"

pcz1394d ago

poitless artical. i mean, anthony hopkins played a cannibal in silence of the lambs. doesnt mean he should have an interest in the taste of human flesh.

jaseo1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

41 year old woman don't play video games? seems plausible.

DrRobotnik1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I don't read books, but I would kill, to have a chance at starring in a movie based off a book. The book has pictures, right? We're good.

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xX1NORM1Xx1395d ago

Who cares its not like she is writing the film. Only a problem if the writers dont care about video games

nitus101395d ago

Most of the reviews I have seen on the "Assassin's Creed" movie have been scathing. This is not to say the actors are bad (far from it) it is just that the movie is so disjointed and broken. Pretty much all reviewers recommend just playing the games, that way you will get the best value for your money.

TC7311395d ago

When you write a PG-13 movie about an M-rated series, it's bound to be a trainwreck. lol

rainslacker1393d ago

The premise of AC's story is pretty stupid to begin with. Not so much the historical stuff of actual game play, but the whole genetic memory thing which was thrown in to have some cool pseudo sci-fi plot. It's really not needed for the interesting stuff, and I knew it would dilute the story when I first heard that this may be made into a movie years ago.

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The 10th Rider1395d ago

Exactly. I'd say the director, writers and producers need to be at least somewhat familiar with the material (some more than others.) Other than that a few quick looks at youtube playthroughs, things like that, would suffice for a decent actor or actress.

TC7311395d ago

Well...good for her? lol how is this newsworthy?

Razzer1395d ago

It is an acting job. I doubt Sean Bean is a Final Fantasy fan either. Doesn't really matter either way, does it?

Eldyraen1395d ago

Sean Bean just walks in casting calls and asks: "Does my character die?".

If it's a yes, he accepts it on the spot. If no, "why not?".

Ravenor1394d ago

Are you telling me Lena Heady doesn't love FF!? I'm going to riot!!!!!