Virtua Tennis 3 : PS3 gameplay demo

A long video showing many aspects of Sega's new tennis game. Menus, gameplay, mini games, motion sensing...

Interesting detail : all the game menus and options are in french, somewhat confirming that the european PS3 launch may be close.

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JS1HUNDRED5236d ago

Thanx for the video link, but being a game that will be on multiple consoles, perhaps next time you could choose multi. thanx fanboy

Siesser5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

He might have categorized it as such since they showed it playing off the PS3 and using the sixaxis controller's features.

The game looks nice, but incredibly boring to me. Then again, sports games are intendend for those who like the sport; I'm probably one of the few people who'd want a curling video game :-)

I felt kind of bad for the demonstrator toward the end, when she couldn't get a serve off.

Raist5236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

The game demo is done on a PS3, and there's a long demonstration of the sixaxis' motion sensing fonction use in this game. So yeah, i put it in the PS3 section.
I see no reason to be upset, and call me a "fanboy" (lol)

And i think that if putting this news as multi was so obvious and necessary, the mods prolly would have done it.
99.9% of 360 owners check the PS3 section anyways, so who cares.

shysun5235d ago

The 360 version is made by a Totally different Dev team.This is NOT the game that will be on 360!Which will look better...time will tell,but this game is only on PS3.

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nice_cuppa5235d ago

cant wait to play this on xbox live

bi yatch

GaMr-5235d ago

But im just not a tennnis fan.
Whats bad (fanboys)
Whats even worse. Fanboys that hide there fanboyism by calling other people fan boys.
Whats hilarious. Blaintent fanboys that just dont care and comment ps3 news about xboxlive.
What I love. these forums. They are just too funny.