WorthPlaying: 'FIFA 09' Developer Q&A

WorthPlaying writes: "Q: What is FIFA 09 Clubs?

A: FIFA 09 Clubs is a mode designed for PS3 and Xbox 360 that enables gamers to form or join user-controlled 'clubs'. These clubs are ranked within divisions based on total points. Clubs will be relegated and promoted within divisions based on their points. If a club has more points than the second best club in their division and more points than the last club in the division above, they will move up a division and send the last placed squad down a division.

Q: How will the best club be determined?

A: The best club will be the one with the most points. They will hold the Division 1 - Rank 1 position.

Q: How many players can you recruit to your club?

A: FIFA 09 Clubs supports up to 50 players in each club. However, only ten players can play for the team during a match."

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