Looking Back: New Super Mario Bros. U is actually one of Mario's greatest adventures

New Super Mario Bros. U received critical acclaim at launch for its level design and platforming gameplay, but it's since been long forgotten, living in the shadows of other modern classics like Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Maker.

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FallenAngel1984754d ago

Admittedly it could've done more to shake up the 2D Mario formula like each subsequent 2D Mario game did on NES and SNES

FreeSpeech69753d ago

It was ok, I'm glad they didn't release a new one every year. Since it's been 4 years, It's given us enough time to miss it. I hope New Super Mario Bros. Switch is fun and "Switches" things up a bit.

rjason12753d ago

Yeah, they should have never released 2 and U so close together, I see why they did for the U though. People wanted a Mario game at launch (maybe not the one they meant lol) but it was delivered. I like U the best out of the 4 new super mario bros games. It's map reminded me of super Mario world, with the secrets, and branching paths and turns.

franwex753d ago

It came out at the worst possible time, but it is one of my favorite Mario's too. Also, the game has not gone down in price. It is still full price in some places. Most modern gamers probably feel that they won't get their money's worth or don't considered it a full fledge Mario title (which it is), so it could be a reason not too many people have tried it, even if they have a Wiiu. One day I played it for 8 hours, I checked the Wiiu record :P
The Luigi version is also a fan favorite due to the challenge!