Best 3DS Game of 2016

After a relatively poor showing in 2015, the 3DS came out all guns blazing this year, with hit after hit after hit.

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Elronza2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Nice video! Indeed the 3DS has been awesome in 2016 I've been playing mine more than my consoles and PC.


20 Best 3DS Games of All Time

Even if the eShop has now closed down, the best 3DS games are still worth playing — in any way you can get your hands on them.

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Making Pokémon 3D Was A Mistake

Pokémon’s shift to 3D was a big mistake, as the series’ roots in 2D design make it difficult to transfer important game mechanics into a 3D overworld.

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CrimsonWing69522d ago

why do other games pull off 3D monster collecting JRPG games just fine? Look at Jade Cocoon and Shin Megami Tensei for examples.

FallenAngel1984522d ago

Answer should be obvious.

No other videogame franchise is as merchandise driven as Pokémon


Looking Back at Pokemon's Ultra Beasts, the Strangest Gimmick in the Franchise

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Ultra Beasts, which are a gang of otherworldly Pokemon that resemble a few invasive species from the real world.

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