Pachter Surprised by Wii, Concerned Over PS2

In the wake of NPD's December and year-end data report, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has commented on the results noting that he's concerned over the PS2 software sales decline and surprised by Wii hardware...

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calderra5229d ago

Good right up until:
"The Wii sell-through figure is also surprising in light of anecdotal evidence that suggested that Wiis were obtainable, while PS3s were impossible to find."

*game show "you lose" music plays*
Ohhhh, I'm so sorry. You were almost there, but you had to screw up and reveal that like most analysts, you have absolutely no idea what's going on in the real world.

Ah-well, at least some points in the article are interesting, assuming they're really true. PS2 software sales down almost 20%? Why hadn't this made news earlier!? The systems are selling like hotcakes- that has to mean an amazingly bad attatch rate.

Harry5229d ago

Living in the UK... PS3s ARE impossible to find.

MicroGamer5229d ago

The more I read from this guy, the more convinced I am that he has no idea of what life in the real world of video games is like. Of course PS2 software sales are going into decline. It is an end of life system. People are switching to the new gen consoles now. Most people still buying PS2 systems are replacing old systems that are broken and who already have all the games they want or gamers on tight budgets who buy a new PS2 but buy their games used. The fact that emulation on PS3 looks horrible may also be a small contributing factor to a decline in PS2 game sales.

Harry5229d ago

Yeh. $600 worth of technology and it can't properly do 5 year old games. Sony completely confuse me.

True Gamer5228d ago

The PS3 can play all my PS2 and PS1 games.

The Xbox 360 I own can only play 11/48 xbox games that I have, sad just sad.

Harry5228d ago

Try using a memory card on anything made by squaresoft though...

True Gamer5228d ago

use memory cards from your PS1 or PS2 on the PS3 with the memory card adapter which costs $12.

I am playing FFX, FF11, and FF12 just fine on my PS3 so I don't know what your reffering to.

Xbox 360 has dissapointed me a lot when it comes to backwards compatibility.

Good thing Nintendo finally made a game console thats backwards compatible, they shouldve done that a looong time ago.