WorthPlaying: 'Dynasty Warriors 6' PC Preview

WorthPlaying: "Dynasty Warriors is Dynasty Warriors is Dynasty Warriors - unless it's the first Dynasty Warriors. Funny how that works, isn't it? There's just something about the ability to stab a metric ton of things at once that makes it more enjoyable than many vastly superior games, and while its brush with Gundam may have been a little slow for my taste, the Xbox 360 and PS3 release of Dynasty Warriors 6 finally seems to be getting things right. While there were few things like officer creation to vary play, what was there looked good and felt right, and successfully brought me back to the good old Yellow Turban Rebellion scenario, enjoying the results end-to-end. (Someday, I swear Koei and LucasArts will team up, and we'll have a Yellow Turban Rebellion in a "Star Wars" game and a Hoth Invasion in a Dynasty Warriors game. It's about the only way you could really renew these scenarios.)

Dynasty Warriors 6 is now coming to PC, and the port job thus far is looking pretty nice. Not only does the game keep the full quality of graphics of the 360/PS3 version, but its sense of speed doesn't suffer in the process."

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Andreas-Sword3687d ago

I've played the PS3 version.

Dynasty Warriors 6 on PC is interesting!