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With the end of the year drawing ever closer, people begin to create their ‘Game of the Year’ lists. The majority of the time there is always at least a group of people who will question anyone’s choices. This is all fair and good, but everyone has their reasons for selecting a game, or games, … Continue reading What Makes A Game Of The Year?

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PixelGateUk691d ago

It's all about the expire cry for me, even if it it's a little rough on the technical side

Garethvk691d ago

I think it is hard to say one game is better than all the others unless it is a visionary game that sets a new standard for the industry or genre.

PixelGateUk691d ago

It's subjective in the end, but there's a number of areas in which a game can be judged to be better than others

SegaGamer691d ago

For me it's very simple. Whatever game i enjoyed the most that year is my game of the year.......surely it's the same for everybody right ?

PixelGateUk691d ago

nope, some rate technical accomplishments above other elements. Some prefer games that try new things, even if they don't quite nail other aspects

Momo118691d ago

im not a big fan of game of the year awards personally