Mercury Meltdown Revolution Interview

If ever there was a game that seemed to be made for Nintendo Wii, then it was, er, Super Monkey Ball. But second in line would surely be Mercury Meltdown, Ignition Banbury's brilliant PSP and PS2 puzzler, where the idea is to tilt levels to manoeuvre a blob of liquid mercury through a maze without letting too much slip off the edge. Not only does it sound like the sort of thing that would make good use of the Wiimote's motion sensor, it even had form in this area - early versions having supported a prototype motion-sensing add-on device for PSP, later abandoned in favour of analogue controls.

Having watched Monkey Ball's first Wii effort struggle though, we were anxious when we heard about Mercury Meltdown Revolution - announced just after the console's UK launch. Would Ignition be able to tame the Wii's unique control system, and provide the sort of feedback necessary to balance the experience? And how were they finding the Wii in general? With the game due out in March, Eurogamer tracked down studio manager Ed Bradley in search of answers.

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