Converting A PS4 Game To PS4 Pro Is Even Less Than 0.2% Of Overall Effort- Helldivers Dev

The PS4 Pro is a pioneering system, in that it is the first instance of an iterative, souped up model of an existing console on the market – something that is actually pretty common in the handheld, smartphone, and PC markets.

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Cyb3r1763d ago

I wish CD Projekt Red would create a ps4 pro patch for The Witcher 3

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I heard that The Witcher 3 runs better on Pro without a patch, including Bloodborne! true story BTW.

Cyb3r1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I have a Samsung KS7000 and the jaggies on this 4k TV look worse on The Witcher 3 with my PS4 Pro compared to my Sony 1080p HDTV I cant believe how bad 1080p games look on my Samsung 4K TV

Gaming_Cousin1763d ago

Maybe your TV is the one that needs patching

SojournUK1763d ago

@richie, I have a Samsung UE55JS8500, it looks great, you may want to check your TVs configuration/settings

gamerswin241763d ago


I also have a pro and Dark Souls 3 actually looks crisper and cleaner on my pro than on my ps4 og. Haven't tried Bloodborne.

Guyfamily9991762d ago

@richierich, reduce the sharpness on your Samsung to 0. Removes any artificial sharpening.

Errorist761762d ago


That's not possible. The internal upscaler on the Pro does wonders on image quality. It should look way better.

DEEBO1762d ago

It looks good on the pro or maybe it's the tv or both.

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Hardiman1763d ago

I'm with you on that. I know they are working on 2077 and the Gwent game but I would love a Pro patch for The Witcher 3. With that said it does seem to look better on the Pro on my 65KS8000. The colors are really good.

Cyb3r1762d ago

Can someone give me some advice on PS4 Pro settings? the weird thing is that I had a 55" Sony bravia 4K HDR tv and I sold it for a Samsung 49" KS7000 because it was highly recommended by gaming websites and because I was not happy with the image quality on my Sony 4k tv especially on The Witcher 3 and all of my other non patched PS4 games. I am getting similar results with new Samsung TV I find that The Witcher 3 characters have lots of alaised edges both Geralt and NPCs look jaggy. I have the resolution set to automatic on my PS4 Pro settings should I have it set to 4k rather than automatic? Can you any of guys let me know your PS4 Pro console settings in a reply because all non patched games look really bad for me perhaps I have the wrong settings on my console. I am using the Samsung KS7000 settings Digital Foundry recommended on their youtube channel for my TV. But non patched games look rally bad

Hardiman1762d ago

@richierich I have my Pro set to 2160P-RGB with RGB Range to automatic, HDR automatic and deep color output to automatic. I calibrated my tv which is the UN65KS8000 from RTINGS. I hope that helps you.

DMZ_P1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


Set sharpness to 0, smart led to high, dynamic contrast to low or off. Activate game mode.
Color space to Auto for SDR content and native for HDR.

Bruh1762d ago

Anyone got any settings for the x800D from Sony? My color looks washed out and I've used the RTINGs settings. I turned the Color Range to Limited and it crushed my blacks lol

Orbilator1762d ago

Hardiman: I believe rgb is a less impressive colour setting. Does your TV not support the other 2160p YUV mode .?
RGB only supports an 8bit colour pallet. At 2160p/60hz
Full 10 bit hdr is only possible on 2160p /60hz YUV setting. It's due to the amount of data throughput required

Other setting offer different requirements but my TV needs 2160p YUV to show itself off.

Hardiman1762d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@obilator I thought 2160P RGB was the better option. I'll try YUV
and see if there's a difference.

Edit: I tried YUV and it does appear to display the color much better. Thanks for the tip.

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Gamist2dot01763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Wish we can get some news like this from From Software on Bloodborne. But I know they're probably busy with BB2 and other projects...

freshslicepizza1762d ago

if it dopesn't take much effort then why is there no pro patch for the sony produced bloodborne?

UCForce1762d ago

It's up to dev,not Sony.

Liqu1d1762d ago

Because From Software developed it genius. Don't you get tired constantly trying to downplay Sony?

Errorist761762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Why do you even pretend to care Moldybrain?!

ziggurcat1761d ago

Because they don't have to... the game was released long before the Pro was even a thing, so there's no obligation on the part of the devs to patch the game for PS4 Pro.

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kevnb1763d ago

its not converting the game at all, most developers are just changing some configuration.

ziggurcat1763d ago

Well, there goes the argument that base games will suffer because devs will only focus on the Pro version of their games...

xDealtwithIt1762d ago

I had no idea that the devs of a small indie game like Helldivers spoke for all other developers and triple A publishers.

Gamingbolt is now credible too.

ziggurcat1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

it took all of two people to do that work for Infamous Second Son & First Light. It's also only taking one person to do that work for Days Gone:

"Only 1 person is working on enhancing Days Gone for PS4 Pro, according to a new video report by Digital Foundry, and just 2 on inFamous: Second Son and inFamous: First Light."

MRMagoo1231762d ago

😂 you put your foot in your mouth often deatwithit 😂

Rimeskeem1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Well, this was previously stated by Mark Cerny so it was already confirmed.

MasterCornholio1762d ago

Mark Cerney and other developers said the same thing. There's a reason why the pros architecture is almost the same as the PS4s.

Liqu1d1762d ago

You're not very bright are you? If small indie devs say PS4 Pro conversions require little effort then AAA studios with more resources available would have an even easier time.

ziggurcat1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


yes, he certainly did:

"And according to Cerny, the amount of effort required to implement PS4 Pro support for games like Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn or InFamous: First Light was minimal -- at least by big-budget studio standards.

'Most of the work goes into implementing, in the case of these three titles, checkerboard rendering, in order to get the resolutions up to 2160p, or close to 2160p. And that hasn't been that much,' said Cerny. 'The initial implementation of checkerboard rendering for each of these titles was 3 weeks, for each of them, by 1 programmer. And you know, these are games where, these days, a typical game will have 100 people, 300 people, for years on end. So we're talking about 1 programmer for a couple of weeks. It's not too much.'"

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xDealtwithIt1758d ago

So let's not take into account the many other games and versions for the PS4 that are having problems for both the Pro and the vanilla PS4. Let's once again only take a small few who just so happen to WORK for Sony and the words of a Sony EXEC that games are so easy to port over.

Such a hilarious fanbase.

onkelgunter1763d ago

Damn your article is covered by a huge banner I cant even read it. Cancer.

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