Max Payne 2 maxed out

PCGH made ultra quality screenshots of Max Payne 2. They activated 16x super sampling and 64:1 anisotropic filtering.

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Rich16313782d ago

Damn that is impressive considering how old it is. I always liked this series, it was so dark, dreary, and sad. Not that I am emo or anything, LOL!, I just thought it had a great atmosphere and mood that was well done. It had the old school film noir feel which made it kick some serious ***.

Filet of Children3782d ago

Yeah, I've really got to pull this game out of retirement (if I can find the bloody discs). The game itself was fantastic, and the seemingly never ending supply of user mods just kept making it better.

TheIneffableBob3782d ago

64:1 anisotropic filtering? I didn't even know that existed!

AzraelGauss3782d ago

64:1 AF is normal 16:1 AF but the oversampling forces the graphics card to caluclate four times the amount. So the 64:1 AF is calculated and then the result is downsampled to the displayable amount again. It looks a lot better than normal 16:1 AF but it costs a lot of performance.

Rute3782d ago

I really liked the atmosphere in Max Payne 2... Hope Alan Wake takes it one step further

Aclay3782d ago

I really loved Max Payne 2 and I remember I replayed the game last summer on a harder difficulty level (I think it was Hard Boiled difficulty). The only issue I had with the game is the damn frame rate... the game had so many framerate issues (PS2 version) it wasn't funny, but I still managed to enjoy the game. I really hope that Rockstar comes out with a Max Payne 3.

AnttiApina3782d ago

Althought it sucks that Remedy won't be making it :/ . They really did great shooters... Hope that AW is considered as classic like Max Payne.

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