4 hours with Resident Evil 7: Reanimating the corpse of gaming's most iconic horror series | finder

Finder got hands-on in a four-hour preview of the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

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PhoenixUp1645d ago

The same year that RE6 was released we got the great Resident Evil: Revelations. Even if its sequel was released episodically, players could still buy the complete version at retail or digitally.

Let's not try to just bury all the nice entrees the franchise has had in the meantime while this new mainline entry comes out.

Neonridr1644d ago

I can't wait for this. Capcom FINALLY returning to form here. This one will be great in VR :P

SlappingOysters1644d ago

Suddenly getting really excited for this game!!

Kurdishcurse1644d ago

if there are only the bakers and slime monsters in the first four hours than this is disappointing as hell.

solderman1643d ago

Resident Evil 7 will be Halloween III: The Season of The Witch.