Microsoft: We'll always take on Sony's first-party titles

Microsoft Games Studios boss Phil Spencer has challenged Sony to a fight over whose first-party software is harder.

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Rikitatsu3738d ago

In terms of First party titles, the edge goes to Sony IMO

Team ICO's game and GOW3 are enough.

Jamie Foxx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

will not be counted out this xmas due to gears 2 maybe fable2 and the price cut

ps3s line up this year though is staggering,a line up which should tease many a ps2 owner sitting on the fence to finally jump off and jump in,and now i have to add wipeout to that list

NO_PUDding3738d ago

List Wars the PS3 has more titles on disc, certainly.

But more to the point, I think that what PS3 is bringing to the table is far superior to what the 360 is.

I think Sony has had a tough time, and all of their stupidity has been ttally kicked out of them. They are the underdogs now, and they are doing an amazing job of improving themselves.

Team ICO, GoW3, GT5, LBP. I think they will be amazing.

SullyDrake3738d ago

I bet they're just toying with Microsoft now. Nothing the 360 has can stand up to God Of War III alone.

dro3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

"Microsoft Games Studios boss Phil Spencer has challenged Sony to a fight over whose first-party software is harder".....

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!! ok ive stopped laughing!!!

*coughs* im sorry but every one knows sony first party studios will eat ms own up, dont forget we have not still seen god of war 3 and team ico new game, just imagine how s.o.c 2 will look on the ps3 if the make it,and dont forget twisted metal,oh yh and uncharted 2,KILLZONE 3(even tho 2 is not yet out),gt5...e.t.c!!!!!...... ms makes me laugh so much!!! *continues laughing*... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :(hahahaha)...... XD

Delive3738d ago

Just trying to understand. I thought it was a third party title that is exclusive.

Are we counting only games from first party developers or also including IP's owned by Sony and Microsoft?

Seeing that Sony actually owns Guerilla, that would make Killzone 2 first party. Now, Resistance 2 on the other hand, does sone one insomniac, or are they just a loyal third party?

So to answer that question, we really need to know what is first party and what is just exclusive. I think Sony has the advantage to this point.

Jamie Foxx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

needs to be mentioned it arguably has the best full game software of all 3 consoles

theKiller3738d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

with fooling many people who owns or will own 360 with this statement, remember guys to who MS is directing their words!! only a bunch of 8-16 year old kids that got no life except playing online shooting games and that knows nothing except what MS tells them and CNN, in fact even they dont know what CNN shows!!

they r just brain washed kids/teens thats the best description for them.

how can Microsoft Games Studios boss Phil Spencer even say something like this?? its like saying kazakastan(borat) the best country in the world!!

only no brainers will believe him! like this boy

beavis4play3737d ago

i wonder if he would agree to the same contest with sony as far as "first-party developed games"? i doubt it.

and no, don't win either challenge(published or developed).

VF34EJ253737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


That's not as bad as this guy

hay3737d ago

Isn't MS stratedy? Big words no substance? I mean, look at Windows. "Faster, more reliable, improved stability."
We were told that Xbox will be uber pwnage and I think there was statment saying that RROD doesn't exist.
I know that there are great games on box, don't wanna hit xbox fanboys but honestly, MS are champions of trash talking and bs marketing.

NO_PUDding3737d ago

Microsoft doesn't own Gears of War.

But Resistance is owned by Sony (according to Wikipedia).

Either way, both are 2nd party so they can be counted I guess if each other is counted.

Theoretically Gears could go to Playstation unlike Resistance.

Anyway, the guy is stupid, Sony clearly has the best 1st party, by a mile.

Nate Frog3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Every PS3 fan in this first post is embarrassingly ignorant to everything except the PS3.

The 360 has a better game library in every way you want to put it. You dudes need to crawl out of your cave and get with the program.

InMyOpinion3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Let them have their fun. They haven't had any games since MGS4 so it's no surprise they are a bit edgy.

Mashimaro1393737d ago


Phil Spencer was talking about 1st party games not the entire library of games. You are right that 360 has the best overall selection, (It should since it was out a year before everything else) but when it comes to quality of 1st party titles Sony is ahead of them there.

3737d ago
mikeslemonade3737d ago

Sony's library is more vast and diverse. Sony has more 1st party development teams and also they target both hardcore and the casual audience. Microsoft is just the opposite and so they are relying on Rare for casual audience and spending a lot of money on JRPGs. If all Microsoft does is bring a HALO and Gears game every other year it's not enough since the people who are interested already bought the 360. Microsoft has absolutely nothing to expand past the 25 million people who bought the 1st xbox. The only advantage is that they came out a year earlier.

cherrypie3737d ago

@jamie foxx


You're joking right? Xbox Originals and Xbox LIVE Arcade are vastly superior libraries to PSN titles.

*PLEASE* stop being ridiculous. Goto Metacritic, look at the meta-review scores -- now, pick out the top PSN titles and then pick out the top Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.

You'll find that the Xbox LIVE Arcade titles have superior reviews.

There is no other objective measure that can justify your statement -- it is clearly FALSE.

Palodios3737d ago

looking at released/upcoming the list is pretty comparable. MS wins out on rpgs easily, and has a bit of an edge on fps titles, but besides that, I would say Sony has a stronger lineup.

Gears/Halo vs (Killzone) and Resistance and Socom
(Splinter Cell) vs MGS
Forza/PGR vs Gran turismo, motorstorm
Viva Pinata and (Banjo) vs. Ratchet and Afrika and LBP
Too human and Ninja Gaiden vs. (God of War)/(Infamous)
LO/BD/Tales/Fable/IU/(S04) vs. (WKC)/Disgaea/(FF13V maybe)

others that I didn't really know how to sort
Mass Effect/Uncharted/Dead Rising
Alan Wake/Mag/Halo Wars/Huxley/Team Ico/Tekken (maybe?)/

Really, both have some great games in there, but I'd be hardpressed to say that one lineup absolutely destroys the other right now.

Saigon3737d ago

I had to respond to this because you mentioned all the games compareing the PS3 and 360. Look at the top ten games for both systems. Tell me how many exclusive games do you see for both systems in that list of ten. I mentioned that because overall that matters. One issue to why the 360 is iffy to me. Also look at the average review score for both platforms from that list. Look who edges out.

TheExecutive3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

No, no sir, its a landslide.

P.S- He is talking about first party titles. You know, the ones not made by Epic ;0

waltercross3737d ago

I Have to agree with Saigon, While MS has more
titles in green, they also have more in Red.

I Can't believe that somebody high up in MS would
make this kind of an Interview, It's a gamble for
him and MS's name, because if he is wrong then that's
another shot in the foot for MS.

There was already figures on 1st, 2nd and 3rd party
studios from Wii, 360 and PS3, Sony easily
surpasses Wii and the 360 in First party studios, so
no Idea what this guy is talking about.

I also noticed that he said all of this before the PS3's
big titles hit, Trying to convince the average gamer that
LBP, KZ2, R2 etc is not worth there time.

A Low blow yet again by MS, Every single time I see this
crap by MS I Become more wanting to hate them.

We all see the numbers, do our OWN math, you'll see the truth.

iHEARTboobs3737d ago

"Let them have their fun. They haven't had any games since MGS4 so it's no surprise they are a bit edgy."

MGS4 was a great game, hope you had the chance to enjoy it. I almost forgot about NG2 though. Anyhow, enjoy your too human.

Sitdown3737d ago

now while I own both Ico and Shadow's of the Colossus.....I find it interesting that when people are listing games, they they say "Team Ico's Game". I mean can you be so quick to add this to the list, when you don't even know what it is about, let alone have a title. I wish everybody could own all three consoles so that this foolish game listing could end. No matter how hard you try to convince somebody, at the end of the day it will boil down to personal preference, and opinion....with brand loyalty sprinkled in. With that all honesty, no console really has a title coming out that is a must have for me....and I think a lot of people are riding the hype train from other people's excitement. How about we stop talking about what is coming and look at what is here......and right now, in my opinion, the 360 has a better array of games. I find it problematic when you have a console, and all you can do is hope and pray for what should be coming down the pipe in the future.........I own my console so that I can game in the present. Yeah I will pick up LBP, and probably Gears 2.....but it is all about what I am able to enjoy now....shoot, you could be paralyzed in 2009, and where did all that hope and future listing get you? Okay....sorry for the rant, but what good is gaming if it is not in the present?

dro3737d ago

i see u 360 fanbois took my bubble!!! at least back it up by giving me proof that ms has better first party games/studios.
uncharted is a game that looks better than anything on the 360 and it came out last year, gears of war is the best looking 360 game but u can find it on pc and it is not a first party game, gt5p looks better than forza 2 and dont forget gt5p was like a demo, and god of war 3 is not yet shown, if u think heavy rain looks sick wait till god of war 3 is shown, im not being a fan boi im just saying the facts, sony has the best first party studio/games.

INehalemEXI3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"Let's start from the beginning of both consoles - PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - which first party has had more success on their own platform? We have Gears, Halo, Forza, we're continuing to push existing IP while bringing new IP to market. I'll line up against Sony's first party any day,"

quote from the article^^^

Fail so hard to impress me MS. We have Gears , Halo, Forza ..... and thats impressive in what way lol.

Thats like MS and Sony playing poker right... MS pulls out a 3 of a kind looking all smug and sh1t. Whats Sony's hand you may be wondering.... A Royal Flush.

Nate Frog3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

From the spin PS3 fans are putting on my last post.

Look, good to bad ratio's don't mean jack sh*t(unless you enjoy sh*tty games) with the 360 having so many more quality titles. Like someone pointed out the other day, the 360 has more games with a score between 7-10 (A-AAA), than there are total f*cking games in the PS3's entire game library. No amount of excuses or spin or circle jerking each other is going to change that. If you don't like it, write Sony and complain. Or atleast stfu and stop making yourselves look like you don't have a clue about what's on the market. The gaming universe isn't just limited to the PS3(thank God).

INehalemEXI3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

@ Nate Frog do realise 360 launched way before PS3...I would hope they would have a larger library at this point.

Theres no need to spin. MGS4 pwns pretty much any game ever created. Whats the best looking console game in development .... KZ2. If you disagree show us what this game is.

Whats so impressive about your exclusives ...Gears looks good but you could Mod UT3 and play gears on PS3. The COG Mods are already done and Maps are being built. Or just play the PC version which most 360 exclusives end up on PC.

On the flip side you want to play some MGS4 on 360. You just can't do it...No.

You want to play some FF13 on 360 you will get a version on 360 thats chopped into several dvd's and skewed by compression. Anyone in there right mind would choose the non ported Solid Version.

......Oh, oh but now MS could maybe secure some exclusive download content for milljions of dollars and change my mind on that.....right....WRONg.

EDIT: I would like to ask a question too....What XBL game stands up to Warhawk? Thats right ...MS Sit Down.

Saigon3737d ago

Look I said this in another post, and I beleive it is true...

"People seem to forget that most games that came out for the 360 were rated high because they were the best graphics at the time and that the system was first HD system to release. But things are changing now and people have to realize this fact. Now that reviewers are seeing the quality of both systems, the PS3 is out shinning the 360 right now. Reviewers are noticing this also..."

Mr_Bun3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Wrong post.

Nate Frog3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

This is the last post I'm making, I ended this discussion with my very first post. You and every other close minded person like you are a lost cause, doomed to a limited gaming world. It's no skin off my teeth.

You can't play Gears on PS3, you are playing UT3. How many chainsaw kills have you gotten in "Gears of War" on PS3. And if I want to play MGS4, I'll play it on PS3.

I played KZ2 at E3 big guy, and it's not what think it is. It's more or less COD4 painted gray to hide it's flaws. You will see for yourself soon enough.

edit- Braid, Geometry Wars, Puzzle Quest, Rez, Ikaruga, Castlevania, and Bionic Commando RA all outscored Warhawk. Braid actually outscored every PS3 exclusive except for one.

INehalemEXI3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I play all consoles and build my own gaming rigs is that close minded. I just know what games and consoles I enjoy most for various reasons.

"You can't play Gears on PS3, you are playing UT3. How many chainsaw kills have you gotten in "Gears of War" on PS3. And if I want to play MGS4, I'll play it on PS3. "

You do know they are made on the same may not know this but there is a chainsaw weapon mod for UT3 as well. Also an action cam mutator that makes it a TPS. You would be surprised just how similar the 2 games are fundamentaly. I can play Gears on PS3 w/UT3...Its called a Total Conversion Mod wise guy.

You do know Cod4 was a great game right. Yet we all have seen that KZ2's Graphics engine makes Cod4's look generic ....right. Thats right we will be playing KZ2 Beta soon enough. You can't seriously be trying to act as if KZ2 is not exciting.

What gamer would not be excited to play some KZ2? I honestly prefer Sony's Line-up over MS. Still im excited to play some FAble 2. Miss me with that close minded Sh1t.


"I played KZ2 at E3 big guy, and it's not what think it is. It's more or less COD4 painted gray to hide it's flaws. You will see for yourself soon enough."

Who knows how early the build you played was. Are you telling me you think that early demo reflects final product...That was not even a Beta dude(It still looked h4wt too). Seriously I can not believe your trying to tell me Cod4 looks better then KZ2. We all have eyes to see through that BS.

nieto3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

what it's happening with the site? weren't this sony land? look at the disagrees!!! or it's just that bots are utilizing their multiple accounts to disagree? i been seeing this trend on the past couple of articles. it doesn't matter if it's true or false if it's something complementing sony then boom! a bunch or disagrees....

but the true it's the true. sony has more first and second party's then MS or Nintendo. BTW how many first party MS have? like 2 or 3? ;-D

sony has a studio (i think)called team ico and both games that they had made they have been unique and soon the third is coming so we could expect another awesome and unique game along with one of the best action game ever God of War 3 and with another very distinctive game called Heavy Rain. and what about the other surprises for 2009? like M.A.G.,

now tell me, how can MS compete with that? they are just bluffing, you can never accept when your company it's going downhill you have to keep fighting until the end without showing your weakness. that's a business rule. how do you explain all this price-cuts of the X360? well they are desperate, plain and simple.

edit: my first disagree and i posted this seconds ago....

INehalemEXI3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

@ Nate Frog

edit- Braid, Geometry Wars, Puzzle Quest, Rez, Ikaruga, Castlevania, and Bionic Commando RA all outscored Warhawk. Braid actually outscored every PS3 exclusive except for one.

What is it with you and Metacritic. Have you played Warhawk? Can you honestly say those games are on par with Warhawk? This may be news to you but actually playing the games would give you more insight then looking at a metacritic list. Those are good games but those are all puny games compared to Warhawk.

Braid vs Warhawk you gots to be joking ...or maybe you smoking. Think about doing a comparison vid of the 2 and see what you get. Those games are not even in the same league as Warhawk. I can't even give you credit for trying with a hand like that.

I think your missing the point with UT3 Mods and Gears. The point is the best 360 has to show... Is cake for PS3.

nycredude3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Your comments are so full of fanb*y fail it's pathetic. You try to make a point and in the same breath you contradict yourself. How can you say that everyone is limiting their gaming experience when you bash everything about sony. Seems to me you are doing the same thing (limiting) that you are bashing everyone else for. And chill will all the metacritic comments. If you care that much about scores then you aren't a real gamer!

I highly doubt you played Killzone 2 but even if you did you must be blind and deaf, or you are just plain taking out your ass because we aren't blind and deaf and there are plently of videos that prove you wrong, not to mention alot of games reviewers.

So kindly crawl back into the hole you came from and just leave the rest of us gamers alone, or better yet go get a hotel with Jenzo and make N4g a better place.

Edit: BTW why is it always assumed that Sony fans don't also have the xbox 360?

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gaffyh3738d ago

"I remember last E3, sitting there, people looking at our line-up and saying that they get we had a very strong line-up - Mass Effect and everything that's coming - but what about next Holiday?

"Then I was sitting at this E3 and I go through Too Human, Viva Pinata, Banjo, Fable, Lips, Gears of War, Scene It - that's all before Holiday - and then Halo Wars. And the press are saying exactly the same, that they get it's an incredibly strong Holiday relative to the competition"

No...just no.

Dream Machine3738d ago

Though they're not my sort of thing, Fable 2 and Gears of War are pretty big titles, but the rest are pretty bleh sounding.

I do think the PS3 has the edge this year.

gaffyh3738d ago

Yeah I agree that Fable 2 and GeOW2 are the big games this year for 360. I think though that most people who are going to buy GeOW2 are not going to buy Fable 2 (and vice versa). I'm only getting GeOW2 cos Fable 2 doesn't look like my type of game, I don't like Oblivion-like RPGs.

Elimin83737d ago

If there is any indication that M$ people are on crack... look no further, this is it.......


I'll be buying Fable 2 to tide me over until Gears drops..once the hype machine ramps up people will need something to play for a month until they can start chainsawing people all day long

StephanieBBB3737d ago

"chainsawing people all day long"

Yeah for "one day" then what? The problem with gears of wars 2 is that it has no replayability what so ever. The horde mode? How long do you think untill that will get boring? playing the same map over and over and over. Multiplayer? 4vs4 is lame and will also get old quick. I heard that Gears of war 2 had like 5 multiplayer maps too. It's multiplayer is almost in worse shape than metal gear online.

I believe more in fable 2 and far cry 2 than gears of war 2. Sure gears of war will kick ass the first time you play it but it will get really old FAST!


"one day" , "no replayablity what so ever" - these outlandish comments are better suited for that zone --------------------->

The thing is that Gears of war was one of the all time most played XBL titles ever. It wasn't a play once and return kind of game. Sure maybe the amount of weapons and maps were limited but out came DLC maps. It's because of the rich and compelling gameplay that people keep playing it. I've always said gameplay over graphics and Gears has produced high scores in both areas. When Gears 2 drops it'll undoubtedly be on the top of XBL once again especially with everything including the Story, Sp and all the multiplayer aspects getting a heavy upgrade.

P.S I really like your AV

joevfx3737d ago

they actually put, via pinata, lips, and scene it in there list for big titles for the holidays? LOL !!!

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Omega43738d ago

Too Human, Viva Pinata, Lips, Gears, Banjo, Fable, Scene It, We're in the Movies

Compared to Motorstorm, Restance, LBP, Socom

What i dont understand is how is MS publishing so many more games than Sony when Sony got so many more studios?

Thats a tiny bit odd dont you think?

Mr_Bun3738d ago

I believe Sony is working on QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY.

cp683738d ago

i think there is a vast difference between VIVA PINATA and GOD OF WAR3.

Omega43738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )


Funny you should say that since Halo 3, Gear of War, Forza 2 and Mass Effect have all been rated higher than EVERY Sony published PS3 game so far and by the end of the year Fable, Gears 2 and possibly Banjo will be joining that list

So MS has quality and quantity while Sony shamefully has neither, sad times eh

Edit: And btw the list i made wasnt supposed to be show just AAA games im just talking about games in general, that MS has more published games than Sony

Egzekutor3738d ago

Its because SONY is not producing, sorry to say .. crap games like Viva Pinata.. They work on real quality titles which looks like Killzone 2, Heavy Rain or God of War III.. That is why.. quality counts, not quantity.. enough said..

Deviant3738d ago

suck ass ....still not sure about Banjo and Viva Pinata

gaffyh3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

@Omega - just because you have a 360 doesn't mean you have to defend it's lineup.

"Too Human, Viva Pinata, Lips, Gears, Banjo, Fable, Scene It, We're in the Movies"

Out of these, the first 2 are already released, Lips, Scene It, We're in the Movies are casual games that most people will not buy, and look mediocre. Banjo looks like it has been ruined. So all there is, is Fable 2 and Gears 2

By your logic, even if MS published 10 games called Sh*t you would say it is better than Sony's Lineup of less games?

Stop being a fanboy.

btw, Sony also has Wipeout HD, Bioshock, and I think Fat Princess and Savage Moon are coming out this year too.

Dark_Vendetta3738d ago

I agree with you but I would also count Banjo. It had really positive previews

Mr_Bun3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

You are the one who brought up "Too Human, Viva Pinata, Lips, Gears, Banjo, Fable, Scene It, We're in the Movies"...are you really trying to make an argument for quality with those?

You have already qualified my statement with your original comparing the 360 line-up vs "Motorstorm, Restance, LBP, Socom"

So I guess you can see my point of Quality over Quantity!

Edit: How many times are you 360 owners going to bring up Halo 3...yes it was/is popular, but it is hardly the greatest game on either console!

poopsack3738d ago

eye of judgment and singstar are already out. :)

NO_PUDding3738d ago

Viva Pinata
Banjo Kazooie
Gears of War 2
Fable 2
Scene It
In the Movies

Resistance 2
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Singstar Expansion
NBA '09

Maybe quality over quantity mixed with the fact PS3 also has other Third party exclusives, the 360 doesn't - unless they're ports.

HighDefinition3738d ago

Too Human- NOT 1st Party
Gears- NOT 1st Party

Omega43738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Fable 2 and Gear 2 will be AAA games as will LBP and R2

Motorstorm likely wont be great if the first is anything to go by, also considering that Pure has so far been well recived it likely wont have anything to make it standout

As for Socom the beta has said to be all over the place and its to be release soon, so its unlikely that it will get enough polish to be a really great game

Also Banjo has reveived only positive media except from the people who havnt played it so it will likwly be mouch higher quality than both Motorstorm and Socom

Which means MS got Fable and Gears while Sony got R2 and LBP. And if you factor in all the other AAA games which have been released for both consoles MS have much MUCH more quality and quantity

There still published by MS. Also as far as i know Media Molecule and Isomanic arent first party either so Sony has no guarenteed AAA first party exclusives

Rock Bottom3738d ago

"Too Human, Viva Pinata, Lips, Gears, Banjo, Fable, Scene It, We're in the Movies

Compared to Motorstorm, Restance, LBP, Socom"

You forgot about R&C:qfb, singstar, wipeout HD, fat princess, siren, war hawk new DLC and White knight chronicles...

Not to mention they're also making games for PS2 and PSP.

VF34EJ253738d ago

I think trying to convince Omega4 that the PS3 is a valueable games console capable of handling all kinds of media including blu-ray, also with tons of insanely high quality games like MGS4, Uncharted, Ratchet, GT5, God of War III (you'll see), Resistance 2, Killzone 2, etc. etc. is harder than convincing a Rock.

Heck, I'd sell a rock a PS3 and 360 by now. But nope, not Omega4. He's living in dreamland where the 360 pumps out ONLY "AAA" games like Too Human. And super "hardcore" games like Viva Pinata, Scene it, You're in the movies, and pfft Banjo Kazooie. He also tells himself that upscaled DVDs look just as good as Blu-Ray.

He might also just tell himself that $99 wifi adapters are better than built-in wifis. As well as $149.99 HDDs is acceptable. And probably goes to sleep at night thinking about how innovative Microsoft is for "inventing" avatars all they're own.

Yeah, that's probably what's goin on in his heads folks. So I say just give up, let the man live in his dream world and move on. Plenty of normal humans to talk to.

HighDefinition3737d ago

You can`t always judge a game on it`s predecessor.

Silicon Knights and Free Radical have always made AAA games before this gen. Some get better, Some get worse.

AAACE53737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It's a trip isn't it? First fanboys were saying the 360 didn't have that many first-party games coming out and that Sony had the most. And then it just changed to "Sony is focusing more on quality than quantity!"... I swear... people are funny!

Good job showing them that MS isn't going to just lay down and let Ps3 walk all over the 360! They honestly thought the 360 only had 3 games coming out this holiday!

@paskowitz... MS are trying to target alot of different people with their games line-up!

You laugh at Banjo and Viva Pinata but they are aimed towards pulling people away from LBP!

LIPS! Scene it! and You're in the Movies, are aimed at pulling people away from the Wii!

Gears 2, Fable 2 and a few lesser known first-party games will add to the multiplat lineup and show alot of variety when a potential buyer sees the selection in stores!

You guys need to understand... alot of people could give a F..k about weather a game is first-party to MS or Sony except for us gamers. The typical person doesn't read reviews and only picks up games based on the way the cover looks and what is offered in the print on the back!

I know people who have owned each of last-gen and this gen consoles... and have not purchased a first party game from MS or Sony! The only people I know who intentionally buy first-party games for a console are Nintendo owners! And that's because they know the nintendo made games are probably the only good ones.

ShinnokDrako3737d ago

Too Human (high quality game? mh...), Viva Pinata (the best one, in the list with Geow2, but not for everyone), Lips (clone of Singstar), Gears (already said), Banjo (obscene...), Fable (not bad), Scene It, We're in the Movies (clone of Eye toy games).

Well, it's about the same, but M$ has a bit more cause they like cloning. and i very agree with Xhi4, some post down here.

cherrypie3737d ago

@mr bun 3.1

"quality vs quanity"

And, yet, their is METACRITIC right there for you to understand, that the QUALITY titles are no the Xbox 360.

Pick the top three exclusives.

Here are all the PS3 exclusives with Metacritic scores "Above 80". 16 titles (after 22 months, being 0.72 per month "above 80 exclusives). Also, there are 55 "above 80" (excluisve + multi) -- being 2.5 "above 80 exclusive + multi per month".

3 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 2008 94
6 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 2007 89
9 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2007 88
15 Resistance: Fall of Man 2006 86
19 MLB 08: The Show 2008 85
22 Super Stardust HD 2007 85
27 MotorStorm (JPN Import Version) 2006 84
29 Warhawk 2007 84
31 PixelJunk Monsters 2008 83
32 Everyday Shooter 2007 83
36 MotorStorm 2007 82
37 SingStar 2008 82
38 Gran Turismo HD Concept 2006 82
42 Metal Gear Online 2008 82
43 PixelJunk Monsters Encore 2008 82
45 Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds 2008 81

Xbox 360, 32 exclusive titles (after 34 months, or 0.94 per month) -- there are 93 *above 80* titles, or 2.73 "above 80 exclu. + multi per month).

2 BioShock 2007 96
4 Gears of War 2006 94
7 Halo 3 2007 94
9 Braid 2008 93
12 Mass Effect 2007 91
14 Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 2008 90
15 Forza Motorsport 2 2007 90
18 Rez HD 2008 89
19 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2007 89
24 Project Gotham Racing 3 2005 88
25 Ikaruga 2008 88
26 Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords 2007 87
29 Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2005 86
34 Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, The 2006 86
35 Project Gotham Racing 4 2007 85
43 Dead Rising 2006 85
46 Bomberman Live 2007 84
47 Viva Pinata 2006 84
51 Castle Crashers 2008 84
53 Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise 2008 83
54 Pac-Man Championship Edition 2007 83
55 N+ 2008 83
58 Crackdown 2007 83
71 Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars 2007 82
80 Saints Row 2006 81
83 Sensible World of Soccer 2007 81
84 Uno 2006 81
86 Ninja Gaiden II 2008 81
88 Poker Smash 2008 81
90 Catan 2007 81
92 Perfect Dark Zero 2005 81

The INDUSTRY PRESS AGREES: The Xbox 360 has a better game library than the PS3.

wAtdaFck3737d ago


The industry also says that GTA4 is the greatest game ever.

TheExecutive3737d ago

why would you put the Japanese import version of MS1 in your post?

cheapness13737d ago

Microsoft Titles: 1 Too Human, 2 Viva Pinata, 3 Lips, 4 Gears, 5 Banjo, 6 Fable, 7 Scene It, 8 We're in the Movies, 9 Halo Wars

Sony Titles: 1 Socom, 2 Motorstorm: PR, 3 Wipeout HD, 4 The Agency, 5 Killzone 2, 6 Heavy Rain, 7 GT5, 8 EyePet, 9 Singstar, 10 Buzz!, 11 Resistance 2, 12 Little Big Planet, 13 Ratchet & Clank, 14 DC Universe Online, 15 God of War, 16 MAG

Obviously not full lists but I'm not the Encyclopedia Gamicus, it is fairly plain to see Sony has thus far annouced far more titles it's developing in-house/publishing

Nineball21123737d ago

I'll take that second list (Motorstorm, Restance, LBP, Socom) over the first list anyday.

Mr_Bun3737d ago

I don't have to be told what a good game is, and that is why I chose the PS3. I don't need to find out what the majority likes to define "what is a good game". I have played the entire Halo series and find the 3rd installment to be nothing more than the Halo 2 with a video capture option (which is cool, but not award winning). In no way does it deserve the hype which it still retains today. If this is what rates among the 360's finest, then I can see that the rating system is clearly delusional. I will admit that Gears 2 sounds pretty cool, but in no way will it entice me to buy a 360.

I have not seen a 360 exclusive that rivals MGS4 / Uncharted / GT or even Heavenly Sword graphically. The PS3 is still in it's infancy and is producing graphical powerhouses like Heavy Rain and innovative 256 online multiplayer MAG...

What is the 360 doing exactly?

Saigon3737d ago

look at that list have to remove some of those games you have listed, Bioshock, Braid, and a few others. If those games are being released on both consoles you have to included a correct list.

People seem to forget that most games that came out for the 360 were rated high because they were the best graphics at the time. But things are changing now and people have to realize this fact. Now that reviewers are seeing the quality of both systems, the PS3 is out shinning the 360 right now. Reveiwers are noticing this...

Alcohog3737d ago

I apologize if you have retardation, but the discussion was about first party titles.