First pics of 360 and PS3 motion controller

US peripherals giant acquires British developers

Gaming accessories company In2Games, developer of motion sensing gaming technology for the PS3 and Xbox 360 has released the first picture of its 360/PS3 motion controller.

In2Games' Gametrak Freedom is described as, "a remarkable ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology which delivers performance, control and flexibility far in excess of that offered by existing technologies."

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Calcio3682d ago

Hmm - looks like a Virgin Media remote control.

will113682d ago

Is it just me or does this controller look really $hitty?

DRUDOG3682d ago

Why is there a cord attached to it in the picture? Please tell me this is cordless (no I didn't read the article, it looked boring as sh!t)!

sumfood4u3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

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tangerine3682d ago

1 for 1 motion sensing. But can't Nintendo sue for stuff like this?
I mean, it's physically a total rip off no? Who holds the patent?
Whoever it is, can you loan me a few grand? I'm hurting.

Calcio3682d ago

"it's physically a total rip off no?"
I think Nintendo would do well to claim that rectangular, long and thin with buttons is their patent :D

mfwahwah3682d ago

Different technologies do the same thing. They're obviously using a different technology here.

cheapndirty3682d ago

same reason you can not sue over having IR on your tv's remote.

Galvanise3682d ago

Buttons and Symbols, no motion controller will even be looked at twice by me.

Perjoss3682d ago

I think we'd be lucky to even see 1 GOOD game support this thing form the rest of this generation

drdistracto7073682d ago

i cant say that im too excited about this, in fact, im not even going to get one i think

Calcio3682d ago

You 'think' ??? Goodness put it all on the line why don't you... :)

Percy3682d ago

The ps3 already has a motion controller it came with the console this is pointless.

mfwahwah3682d ago

Motion sensitivity =/= motion control