New screenshots HD of Yakuza 3 published some new screenshots HD of Yakuza 3 to be come on Playstation 3 exclusively.

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Rick Astley3682d ago

Damn it looks good. Here's Sega again though releasing their only good games in Japan only. It took them 2 years to bring Yakuza 2 over here.

Raoh3682d ago

they are pretty much on the same page as square with their only in japan releases similar to ffxiii only on ps3.. in japan

sony is doing a good job of in house games, and while not taking the route of timed exclusivity that microsoft takes, sony should invest in wooing the developers to bring some of those japan only titles to america.

sony should do what EA does. offer to do the porting and localization themselves.

ZmokeR3682d ago

But this looks awesome.
But what do you do in the game?
Isit like heavy rain where every action change he game.
Or isit a hack and slash?