Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Gore System Q&A

Answers by: Jeramy Cooke (Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Director)

1) Brothers In Arms has always been a violent series, mostly because of the topic it's covering. Will Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway follow the same path?
BiA HH will continue to show the horrors of war be they physical gore or mental trauma. We feel it's important to treat the subject with respect but at the same time help people feel the intensity of the violence. War is at its core a violent act and gore is something that goes with the territory.

2) We all have in mind the incredible opening scene...

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Rich16313780d ago

Knowing Gearbox, this will be a competent shooter especially with the cover, teamwork, and destructible environments. But the fact that it is WWII has be flipping back and forth as to whether I want it or not. I am glad that is has lots of gore, though.

Alcohog3780d ago

Are there any videos showcasing this?

Rich16313780d ago

Yeah, there a ton of them on, there is one with limbs blown off and slow-mo shots of heads exploding. It is freakin' hardcore. It makes Gears of War look tame.